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Hi there - I signed up for the paid version of Realty Pilot a bit over a month ago and wondered what others who have done the same have to say so far.

I am a hugely positive person and dont like saying anything negative but I am a bit disappointed as I completed a BPO through Realty Pilot (which seemed exciting) - however after I completed it, it has been sitting for 4 weeks in review with no sign of a payment coming. I emailed Realty Pilot and they said I had to take it up with BREO, the ocmpany ordering through Realty Pilot. I thought Realty Pilot was managing this as other asset companies do so that was a bit disappointing. I will now have to try and chase payment.... I have also found a large number of the asset management contacts in Realty Pilot to be incorrect - I understand agents can enter information but I think for the ingretity of the list, it should be scrubbed.

Anyone else with feedback - positive or challenging?

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I have also signed up, I have not recieved anything through the site. I typically get about 4-8 BPO requests per day on my own. I didn't sign up for anything but REO assignments. I'm not all that sure i want to hang around there for very long. Just got a bad feeling.
Wow, your BPO situation is really dissappointing!! I signed up about the same time as you... I havent heard a thing. I love the sight.. very easy to use...but have had no opportunities on it.... and I live in S.Florida, we are about to have a second wave(supposedy), I thought I'd be working on quite a few BPO's from them.....hmm...
Well, I guess all we can do is wait, I dont think Reopro would support a scam, but, seems we're helpless rt. now....

Regards, Rose
Hi Everyone......

I need to make some clarification here.

First off, glad to hear you got a BPO from BREO, that's great, sad to hear however you are having to chase your payment. I will try to get in touch with BREO for you and see what I can do.

Secondly, as I have always maintained, RealtyPilot is a OMS (Operating Management System)...they are not an Asset Management Company. As I have always said, REOPro will distribute our own assignments so, I am not sure why this is confusing some people, maybe it's just my ineptitude in the delivery of my message but, some people just don't get it. Any suggestions on how I can better relay the message that RealtyPilot is a OMS and REOPro is the Default Servicing Company, short of saying what I just did? If you take a BREO's a BREO assignment, not a REOPro assignment and most definitely not a RealtyPilot assignment. RealtyPilot is the software platform not the Default Servicing Company. Here is another forum you might want to check out on this very topic....

I have also told people that they can use the over 2400 AM contacts to sign up with those companies and hopefully get a foot in the door vs. paying 299.99 for a CD of old AM contact information that may or may not be good. Keep in mind, the shared contact database is developed by all the members of RealtyPilot so, it's vastly more current and accurate than any CD. The list can and is scrubbed, by the members. If you are working the list and find someone you worked with before has a new phone number or address or bank, you can send an email over to have it updated.

I also want to point out that REOPro has a RealtyPilot success group you can join.

This group is solely dedicated to making each other successful using RealtyPilot. Lot's of discussions, tips and tricks on networking and how to make the information work for you. I strongly suggest you join, it's free. Not to mention, this group is where I announce changes, updates, breaking news and respond to questions, concerns and issues. It's chock full of vital information.

Don't forget, unlike any other program out there, you get a 30 day free trial. USE IT! If in the first 30 days you decide RealtyPilot isn't working for you, don't continue with it. Don't forget, while waiting for your first REOPro assignment, you can make the RealtyPilot system work for you. Case in point, the BREO assignment you got but, if after 30 days you haven't joined up with at least 30 AMC (Asset Management Companies).......AT LEAST.........i have to ask, why not?
Thanks for the replies. Just to note, I have gone in and "opened" the door to many many asset mgmt companies so I feel I fully utilized the system. On the asset mgmt side, I would expect it to take some time for them to catch on to Realy Pilot so no issues there. The BPO however, which took me a considerable amount of time to due to the uniqueness of the property, is very disappointing - as all of you who work REO properties know, we only have so much time in a day so we have to spend it doing revenue producing activities.. I am providing feedback as a customer and am no way trying to take away from Jesse as I love REORO - hope we can be honest with our thoughts and experiences in a constructive manner.
Absolutely.....I hope you never feel you can't speak your mind or the truth, I value that interaction with all REOPro members.

I will follow up with BREO and see where they are at. Send me an email to my personal email outlining the address, when you got the assignment, etc..... I will follow up with it for you.
I am anxiously waiting for BPO work here in Florida from Realty Pilot. I have opened most of the doors to the Asset Management Companies in the directory. Wonder what that is doing (if anything). Like anything, I will give this a year and then make decisions. At this point, I think it is going to be fabulous. Am I right Jesse?
You can't just open doors and expect business......follow up, make sure you are signed up, loaded all necessary documents into their system and, be sure you they give you a username and password.

Think of the door as an introduction you make at a party. If you don't talk with the person you just met, it isn't going to do much for you.

For example, don't use the generic log in and password after clicking on the door. Go to their website, sign up with them, use the contact information of the AM you got from RealtyPilot and get in further. The door is just getting your foot in.

As someone much wiser than I once said, "A introduction will make you money but, a follow up will make you rich!"

I do think the RealtyPilot / REOPro Alliance is going to be phenominal. I can't wait for it to take off.
YAY----, am excited!! Happy New YEAR!!!!!!
Perfect. Thank You Jesse for explaining how the door works. I am very excited about Realty Pilot. I think it will be a big bonus for us REO agents.

Happy New Year !!!
Now it has been over 1 month so many of our honeymoon for trial period is over. I just got billed for the paid month.

How many of agents who SIGNED UP have not got INVITED to DO BPO once please SHOW your hands?
Like everything it may take awhile so I like to give benefit of the doubt? Personally I am leery on any paid sites.

SF Bay area This is the company I did the BPO for in Realty Pilot. It was there to accept when I joined. It has now been 5 weeks with no approval of the BPO or payment..
Keep in mind this is a new system. It is our job to get out there and generate business. RealtyPilot is a vehicle to assist us in moving forward with the REO business. Those who stick it out and follow up will eventually get the business.


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