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Did anyone catch the Webinar? I was wondering if they mentioned what states that they work in. How did the process sound?

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Did you sign up for the BPO traffic controller?
Yes. They then have you chose Residential or Residential and Commercial. It appears that you have to activate each Asset Manager, but I am not that far yet.
Hi Miquel,
Happy Thanksgiving!
How were you able to figure out which asset managers worked in your area. Do you just send an email to each asset manager for each company? I think I need to see the webinar.
That is wonderful news!! After a heart attack 2 years ago, and I almost losing my husband to CHF I sure could use some good luck with these REO's!!!
It looks like a great system to me as well. I am unable to sign up after several trys. Hopefully they will correct the error issue soon.
I took a quick glance at it and the website doesn't show much for REO's only bpo's.
great concept. I may caution many that a fair amount of Asset Companies url are not correct or no longer in service. Do not sign up with those not linked or there may be spam coming your way.......

when you sign up there are COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL or RESIDENTIAL OPTIONS so make sure you sign up for the one wanted....
Are you saying that the service is soliciting bogus BPO & AM's ?? This will be interesting .. Please advise ! Everyone wants to get the R-E-A-L scoop - not B.S that raids our wallets.
OK, so I'm way behind the curve here........can someone briefly tell me what Realty Pilot is, what it does, and how it will be useful for us? I've been slammed at work, understaffed with the flu going through the entire office staff, and am now just able to get my head above water after working 4 straight 80+ hour weeks....................Oh, and I haven't had time to catch any webinar. Any information that you can pass along will be appreciated.


I have been out of the country. I really missed the boat here with the webinar. I also went online to Realty Pilot's website and got confused - seeing as I did not participate in the webinar and I am really behind on my readings off of this site. What do I do next?
I read some nasty mail from some guy earlier bashing Jesse and his efforts - shame on that guy - possibly he could do put together a site like this that is benificial to
Ashley, Stay posted on the development of Realty Pilot and REOPro's joint venture. I'm sure Jesse will update us as soon as he can.
I received an email stating if you signed up for Realty Pilot make sure you select REOPro as a Membership. I signed up but don't see where I select REOPro as a Membership. Can you Help?


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