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What is a reasonable fee to charge for BPO's? Should I request $100 minimum to cover what it actually cost?

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Mary, I was thinking along those lines.



It's illegal to have this conversation. Have a good day.

I'm thinking the rules you are referring to are for  "commissions".  I was not thinking a BPO was related to commissions.

Ed, I always appreciate good legal advice.



Ed, I always appreciate good, sound legal advice.



It is hardly price fixing to have a general discussion about fees.  It is not as though we are forming a cabal to fix prices, especially since we are from all different states and counties.  We have neither intent or act to be guilty of any anti-trust violation. 

You are on thin ice. Especially on a forum where your comments can be used as evidence. Good intentions are not enough. I will do what I think is best for my business. I will not engage in a discussion about what others should charge. (This does not imply that I disagree)

then get out of this discussion....

Sorry for the delay Ed. I thought this was a forum filled with liked minded professionals that have an interest in reducing risk, developing methodologies that work better, and simply a transfer of knowledge for greater profitability. There are positive and negative impacts to organizations net profit daily, how to avoid and create opportunity is my only objective. There are knowns, unknowns and other unknowns in business, if you can identify the what-if's, you stand to gain. I ask to question because I wanted to expose my particular challenge and hopefully exploit opportunities. Success means different things to different people. I want to continue to brainstorm, form assumptions/constraints analysis whenever possible. Thanks for allowing me to share.


why is it that electricians and union workers can collaborate and fix a price? we are not talking commissions, we are talking the fee for a personal service. policeman,fireman and almost every walk of life can collaborate on a fee. not sure why this is different.

it all depends on how many agents do bpos' in your area. If someone consistently accepts them for $30 why on earth would they pay more. On the other hand, if there are no agents servicing an area you have way more flexibility to negotiate. That can make it worth your while to travel to the boonies. 

Chris, You certainly are correct. I am not sure why they would pay more than $30. I am wondering what a reasonable fee structure should be. When I add it up there is no profit at $30-$40. But I guess it depends on the goal.




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