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Received email today from Brokerpriceopinion regarding payment.

Brokerpriceopinion owes us $2400 and we haven't received a payment in roughly a year.  Primarily we have completed commercial BPOs for them.  In Oct I communicated that we would not accept any additional work until payment was received.  This was communicated via phone call.  The following week I received an email stating that a check would be cut on Nov 1, 2013.  Then on Nov 4 received a call from them stating they were cutting a check that week for $240.  I informed them that we had not received anything yet from Nov 1, and asked why they were sending just 10% of what was owed.  The young man was nice, but could not answer.

I believe in the interim for any automated email order request I have received, I first declined on the email, and then replied to that same email stating we have received no payment and so forth.

This week received an email request for an order, I declined it, and then replied in which I stated, "Until our account is paid in full we will not be able to accept work.  If the matter is not addressed this week, we will then proceed to notifying the BBB and the Attorney General with your state and file a complaint."

Today  we received this email from BPO, 

Good afternoon

 Please accept my apologies for not having gotten back to you yet today. We are short-staffed and training a new employee and I greatly apologize for the inconvenience.

 We are working on a new payment inquiry system over the next few days so that we can better address your concerns. Please give us until early next week to get back with you as we will be able to better address your questions at that time.

 I do apologize for the inconvenience and the delay. Please bear with us while we work through these process changes and we will touch base with you early next week. I have cc’d our AP department for future reference.  Sarah Sandoval<>

 Thank you,

 Ashley Martin, Assistant Controller, a First Valuation Company

FIRSTVALUATION  8700 Turnpike Dr., Suite 300  I  Westminster, CO 80031

P: 303-991-9919 Ext. 1029  I  E:  I W:


LinkedIn  twitter  facebook

So here we have a contact name and number.  Also as you can see the company utilizes social media which we can utilize.

In addition, when I stated I was going to go to the BBB and the Colorado State Attorney, that was not an idle threat.  I will give them until this Wednesday, and then I will respond advising them that I will be contacting the State Attorney and I will attach my letter to the State Attorney.  I would hope that anyone who has contributed to this forum would follow suite.

The BBB site is full of complaints about non payment.  It looks like the BBB tried to help resolve the issue.  I think we all need to flood the BBB and keep on until we receive our payments.    

304 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 175 closed in last 12 months -

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Consumer Complaint Form

When applicable, your complaint will be handled by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the service area where the business is located.  In some cases, your complaint may also be forwarded directly to the business or applicable law enforcement agencies.  Before filing a complaint, our office would recommend you try to resolve your dispute with the company’s management.

To protect your privacy, we strongly recommend that you remove all personal confidential information, such as Social Security numbers, bank account and credit card numbers, and medical information from copies of any documents you include with your complaint.

We are prohibited by law from giving legal advice. As a result, our office cannot provide legal advice, interpretation, or individual representation. To preserve any legal rights you may have, you may wish to consult with a private attorney and/or review the possibility of small claims court remedies.

Looks like the Atty General's office utilizes the BBB first when filing a complaint.

There is an online complaint form we can submit.


Someone needs to tell the BBB that these are collection issues. They have most of the complaints classified as product/service issues. It basically says most of these complaints have been resolved with payment through October 2013.

Note the BBB site says the incorporator also owns Cartel which I think I had problems with a long time ago. I am not caught up in the situation.

This is very typical for them as I am sure you learning, the next step they will take is try to offer you 70-80% payment paid in full or 100% over a 12 month period and give you some excuse about an "employee" again all very typical for them

Walt Coats is listed on the Articles of Incorporation for this company as the incorporator. He is also the owner of Cartel Asset Management. There is a separate report on this company.

Contact Information

Principal: Mr. Walt Coats (CEO)Customer Contact: Ms. Ashley Martin (Assistant Controller)Mr. Michael Poole (Controller)

Alternate Business Names

First Valuation 

When companies are that far out you should accept bpo then fill it in and in comments say you havent been paid when they send it to the company that ordered it without looking at it becouse they dont have any money to  hire people to do quality control they will lose the account.

It is 2017, and I did not look at the quality of the company before starting assignments. I only have 11 done in 60 days, so I called to ask if they had specified payment dates. I was told that new accounts don't get paid for the first 90 days.  Thisis the last BPO I'll be doing, since payment is in Jan 2108, if they are honorable.  I looked at the BBB site and I guess it has ot done much to correct this racket.

There is a settled lawsuit against broker price opinion dot com. Agents are going to be paid over a period of 5 YEARS!  I stopped doing their orders years before they owed me too much money so I was very surprised that I was included. 


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