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I have prepared several BPO's for Consolidated Analytics with no problems, the forms are quite easy to complete, pay in a reasonable time. However, most of the orders have been coming in for properties in other counties that average 40 miles one way and it's 40 miles back for the total of 80 miles and they offer $40.00 for my time, expense, photos, etc. I have begun to flip them off my screen  no response. I made an effort advising that the further I go the higher the fee. That goes for all BPO's I do.

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Always ask for more if out of county.

They are spin off from ORTC which pays $30.

That basically goes for most BPO. A similar drive with 6 comps and some commentary prepared by an appraiser they charge $450. Next time ask for more or just disregard it. 


I'm licensed as both an agent and as an appraiser and I can assure you, it takes more time to do a drive by appraisal than it does to do a BPO. Not counting travel time, I can do most BPOs within 20 minutes. To do a PROPER appraisal, it takes me at least 2 hours.

Also, no appraiser is getting $450 for a drive-by. Maybe the AMC is... but that appraiser is getting $175 - $250.

I did but it did no good so I have just quit preparing any for them. It would be helpful to all if they made it easy to respond and tell them why a higher fee is necessary. Others do. No problem, I will just block them out of my email.


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