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Our firm works with institutional SFR buyers.

We work with all the big boy SFR players but have found a new type of institutional buyer.

This buyer will buy/fix/flip about 200/month. They have institutionalized the flipping process.

They proofed up to us quickly and have the capital.

The buyer will buy in the United States nationwide, but has principle interest in the larger areas. The buyer will actually buy in "any MSA". They even have houses in Alaska! 
MSA is Metropolitan Statistical Area.


If you have any agent friends or wholesalers that may be interested, please forward this email.

In essence, the criteria they are looking for:
SFR detached only

1978 or newer
Retail sales ARV between 150-650k. 
Prefer to do their own rehab 
Can be listed or off market SFR properties 
No rural areas

This buyer will make overnight offers and have proofed up very quickly upon request to our firm.

ACP NCND is required by you.

Please email your signed agreement to participate on the training conference call.

glynn @

Want to up your income? Have listings or no listings? No problem!

The buyer will look at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac houses and if you get the closing, you receive the buyers agent fee from Fannie/Freddie. If you’re the listing agent and the buyers agent on these, cha ching!

If it’s just a good deal, but not a Fannie/Freddie house, no problem.

So here's an overview recap: 
* We'll teach you our buyers system to input the information. It takes me less than 30 mins to input a house into their system. A CMA, photos, rehab price estimate/guess, along with estimated end sales price they can sell it for quickly is the hardest thing needed.

* When offer is received from buyer, you prepare the offer to submit.

* Facilitate any closing paperwork.

Simple huh!?!

We will hold a training conference call on Friday June 20th to walk through the property submission process.


To your success,

R. Glynn Williford

American Capital Partners

731-616-5000 cell

731-574-1800 ofc

731-574-1107 conference line 7411 pin

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Hi Glynn, 

I am a Real estate agent in E Riverside County, CA- covering Palm Springs, Palm Desert , Indian Wells, Rancho Mirage, Indio, La Quinta etc. 

There are a multitude of properties available in my  area of coverage. 

I have obviously missed your Conference Call, however if you provide me with the link I will be more than happy to plug those in the system. 

Gabriella Popescu

Here it is September and still only a promise of anything happening. I'm beginning to wonder what's up. Anybody heard any news from Glynn lately??  

did you sign the agreement and take the training? what was it like? it seems like an agent needs to present the properties to him. not sure anything happens without a property.

CECE, no are the expert. They are looking for good deals of course. Contact Glynn for directions.

They ask for a simple BPO/CMA, Photo's, etc.


I am in Long Beach, CA and would like to know more about this program

Howard, contact Glynn. They are ready for a re-launch. 

Great news from Glynn today. I'm ready!! As with any start up, they had issues but seems that they will be looking at homes again next week. If you have any questions, just email Glynn. Good Luck to all who participate. 

Hey folks,

We're holding another webinar training session tomorrow, October 30th.

If you have REO experience and relationships with banks, GSE's etc that can supply a steady source of inventory to our buyer as well as relationships with reputable contractors then we'd love to have you on the team.

The buyer has gone into escrow on 3 deals in the last week and as we streamline our submission process we anticipate this will increase significantly.

To recap, this buyer will do about 200 deals per month nationwide.

On the webinar you'll receive an overview of who the buyer is, their background, financial capabilities, commission structure, buy side acquisition criteria, rehab preferences and sell side processes.

To join the team, simply complete the NCND linked on this discussion previously and email direct to me

One of our affiliates is on track to earn almost $275,000 in commissions just through this system in 2015

Don't miss out on the fun!

To your success,

R. Glynn Williford

American Capital Partners

731-616-5000 cell

731-574-1800 ofc


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