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Is anyone going to this in June and do you think it is a good networking opportunity to meet asset managers and get on their lists? Also I would be interested to know if you think the certifications they offer really help us get on their lists? Thanks for your responses!

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I'm considering it. Freddie Mac is going to be there and supposedly interviewing for new brokers.
I am also considering going, but would like some feedback from others who have gone & felt it was helpful in gaining new business. I get so bombarded everyday with solicitations for conferences, new asset companies & certifications that I don't know who to trust. I sent in an application for Bridge, got accepted immediately & then was required to attend their training in CA. I actually received calls requesting me to attend the conference. Some of the big guys who I worked with in the past on assets are asking for fees now & specific management systems. You pay the fee, do the certification & join their management only to not see any business. How long can this go on? Who do we believe anymore? The only reason for attending the REO Expo is for a "chance" at becoming a Freddie broker. I think it is time to revolt.
Gail, I think I am going to go to the Expo and wondered if you had made a decision and if you would be interested in sharing a room at the Hyatt. It's costing a fortune to go and I thought that a roommate might not only be a good way to cut expenses, but also a good way to make a new friend in the biz
I am going and it would be nice to meet some of you there! Anyone interested?
Hi Valerie
I have decided to attend & would love to share a room if you are still up for it. Let me know. I haven't booked a room yet. What day are you arriving?
Thank you so much for the offer, but it looks like I have found a roomate. I would like to meet you there however, and I will let you know of others that may contact me regarding a roomate for this conference.
I agree with you so much...I can't count how many times people contact me through out the week, soliciting about certifications and the fee's you have to pay to MAYBE receive buisness.
Hey if anyone is cancelling their reservation due to not being able to attend the event please let me know. I will take it and reimburse your fee if there is one... My business partner and I would like to stay at the Hyatt but they are sold out. Thanks

I really hope that this EXPO live up to the hype. I have been to Dallas, well 5 STAR the last 3 years and it seems to get more expensive. The connects are actually made outside of the class. Then when there is an open house held the spots are bombarded with brokers. I mean my partner and I were in Freddie Macs open and we saw some brokers about to fight to get it. So I am debating and at the same time asking myself why not go? And then why are all of these companies are saying that they are going to be there and asking us to come and also register for their class?!! Boy everyone is out to make money because they all know that REOs are what's hot. And Brokers are thirsty for business..This is just not fair.....
Just curious as to how many of us are going to the REO Expo next week. Also any suggestions on the Freddie app that might give someone an advantage? According to the instructions, the info has to be emailed prior to the conference. Did I misunderstand the email from Nicole Ocean on "handing" it in at the conference?
I broke down.... just paid my registration.....yippeee....I hope this will be a good conference! I was approved for an an interview w/ fannie mae... hopefully this conference will be memorable!! ( not just to my bank

Maybe we should all arange to meet for a drink... etc.....??????
Do you mind my asking how you or what you had to do to schedule an interview with fannie mae? I would love to have that opportunity. Aslo, are you or is anyone going to the mixer thursday night at the fairmont? I am going and would love to meet some people there beore it starts or even at the beginning. Thanks for your time and response!


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