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Is anyone going to this in June and do you think it is a good networking opportunity to meet asset managers and get on their lists? Also I would be interested to know if you think the certifications they offer really help us get on their lists? Thanks for your responses!

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Nope, not yet..... havent heard a thing. I sent an email last thurs and asked for an update, they responded saying they interviewed 100 potential offices and it would take more me... I quit thinking about it , it was driving me nuts...lololol. Please let me know if and when you hear something... I'll do the same for you!!!
Warm regards!!!
Who did you call for the credit? The only number I see is 499-893-1496, I left a message and sent an email... hopefully they'll respond???

I am staying at the springhill suites by Marriott which is near the fairmont. If anyone else is staying here and wants to walk over to the reception this thursday night let me know so we can make plans to meet before hand. Thanks!
I have been in the past and it is a good conference. Just realize that there are 2000+ agents trying to talk to the asset companies and their managers and trying to get on their list. You have to be aggressive! Good luck to you all! I opted out this year.
David this was the first time for this conference. I think you have mixed up with Five Star
Jose, did you go the conference and if so what did you think of it? Have you ever gone to the five star and if so, same question. I am considering going to that in Sept.
Jose, that would be correct. My Mistake.
Planning on going and also setting up as a vendor at this one.


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