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I am trying to grow my REO business and thought going to one of the conferences would be one of the best ways.  Does anybody have any suggestions which would be the best conference to attend?  I know there is REOMAC coming up in April and Five Star Default Servicing Conference in September.  I want to use the opportunity to meet other real estate professionals and share my experiences, along with trying to make new contacts with some asset management company's.  Has anybody had a better experience at one or another?  Is this the best way to grow my REO business or should I be doing something else?   

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I went to Five Star last year for the first time and it's the best thing I've done. I believe the Five Star Certification is well respected in the industry. I did a lot of research first before I chose where to spend my time and money. I looked at online only training companies, but I liked the in-person event that Five Star offers, besides their on line certs that you can earn. I did make several great connections and got "mini-mentoring" sessions by some agents more experienced than I am. I highly recommend them.
Networking at the conferences is the best method ever!!! Build those relationships on a daily basis, mentoring from peers is also a good way to increase your knowledge and sphere of influence.

Good Luck!


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