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I have created a web-site designed to help REO agents track expenses and reimbursements associated with listing and selling REO properties such as re-keys, utilities, repairs, etc.


The creation of this site came from my own need and frustration as an active REO agent trying to keep up with what was paid out and making sure I got reimbursed from the bank for the expense.


We are about to start a beta testing phase for this site and I will be offering it free to several REO agents who are willing to test it out and give me honest feedback.


Let me know if you are interested. To do so, send me a message through this site.

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Hi Nick

I am interested ,let me know..




I will let you know. We are working out a few kinks. Once ready I will send you the URL. Thanks.


I would like to test the system please pm me.

I am up for the Beta testing!

Hi Nick,
I would be willing to look at this for you. We are looking at a few  systems and will choose one
Let me know if I can help you. 
Email me direct.
I'm in Harriaburg PA. 

I would be interested!

Hey Nick,


I would love to take a look, give some honest feedback. Does it work for Investors? I have some Investors who do a horrible job....just horrible job at tracking their expenses and need help.

It could work for investors. It could probably be integrated into any business that needs to track expenses and reimbursements.

I am working out a few issues and will send a link to all who responded soon.

Hi Nick, Id be happy to test for you. I've used other tracking systems in the past and will provide you with good feedback. 

Not sure where you are at with the testing, but I'm looking to track my expenses.  I have scoured the internet for some sort of spread sheet, but can't find a thing.

If you are still looking for someone to test, hit me up, 

I would be interested. Thanks.


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