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We've seen a drop in our REO volume for North Florida for several of the agents in this area that we work with. We were curios if any other REO agents have seen a decrease also and if they had any input as to why? August was the slowest month we've seen in years. Also if your looking for a solid preservation company keeps us in mind. We are Fl. Certified Building and Roofing Contractors CBC#1258137. We've been in the industry for roughly 12 years and provide a full range of services from initial securing to full re-habs. prepco@prepcoservices.comThanks for your input. Jody Hagemes.

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It's not just your area! Numbers are way down in the Atlanta area also and still dropping.
Yeh in my area Virginia Reo are dropping.
South West Florida is also slow but the same thing happened last year, turned back around in November as my best month ever......hopefully this year will follow trend:-)


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