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Hello Everyone 

I worked with another broker for 8 years doing REO properties and we sold over 1000 properties in VA, DC, and MD.  In the last year the company I worked with became much less REO focused and I went out and took over another firm as principal broker an owner.  

I have had to sign up with or at least try to sign up with new accounts for REO listings.  Since my last partners had most of the accounts in her name it is proving to be very difficult getting my foot back in door.  

Can anyone provide any tips?  I am a FORCE member and plan on attending every REO convention for 2016.  Any direction of advice would be appreciated.  I plan on doing REO the remainder of my career along with retail transactions. 

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These are all great suggestions.

REO will always be around but not in the volume it has been for the last 10 years.

I would suggest you register your current info with the companies you had good experience with. Follow up by calling them.

Register with free sites. Present your case personally when possible. After stating these obvious points, I must say you seem to have a high tolerance for adverse working environments. Good luck.


Sorry Jeff but the parties over for a while. Just hang in there and it will return. About a nine year cycle.

Have you called the old asset managers that you worked with under the other Broker?  This business is all about relationships, I would try their first....even if you ask for a hard to sell property, just to show what you can do for them?

Abundant blessings and I hope you get some of those listings back.


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