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Has anyone joined REO Network and specifically paid for the Premium Membership and received listings?  I joined Clear Capital without any luck, so I wanted some feedback regarding their sister site.

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I used to be a Premium Agent with them. I did if for a couple years and never received any contacts. I think their Premium program lacks value to an AM as anyone can become a Premium Agent simply by paying the fee whether they are experienced or not and AM's know that. It may be of some value if you are in some obsure area where agents are hard to find but not if you work in a populated area. I consider this another scam to relieve agents of their cash. There are better ways to market yourself with your money than to pay REO Network.
Thanks Gary! It doesn't seem like they give you anything for that kind of money! I am trying to break into this field and it is so hard to figure out where my money is best spent and time for that matter. I appreciate it your time and feedback. Take care!
I feel that it is worth the money.... I signed up last year and within 2 months got a listing. I also get requests to do BPOs for companies that see my profile. I can name my price usually on the BPOs so it has been profitable for me.
Clear Capital doesn't assign listing, only Bpo's and some other market reports. I have worked with them for 3years, they are a great company to work with. They prefer agents to narrow their zipcodes to those close to their home or office.

I joined REO Network in Jan, I've made several new lender contacts & bpo contracts who have said they found me on there when they called me.
I subscribed for 6 months and didn't see a return. However, several top REO agents have been premium members for several years. It must have been valuable to them or they wouldn't continue to make the investment.


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