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Hello, is anyone familiar with REO Pro Corp? They called me with 2 assignments and said to pay $400 for their portal and they could send me more. Sounds questionable.

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They want $400 for 6 months and that is way above all the other platforms like Resnet and Equator etc.

some other website forums are accusing REO PRO Corp as being the old "Banker REO" and well all know that is a scam.

(I am not sure if they are or not) also it seems like they give addresses of properties that have a foreclosure filing on them. (that info is free) they also do not pay for your PBOs you do I have never seen that before in the industry unless it is along with the actual listing.

Could be a new trend or it could be a scam....I guess buyer beware

This is a scam, I signed up and had so much trouble cancelling that I had to call the credit card company to cancel the number and issue me another one.

They have an elaborate website and signup process, so they seem more credible than previous versions of the "pay to do free BPO(s)" scam. But if it walks like a Duck, and sounds like a Duck.....

Has anyone ever received properties from this company? They do not pay for any services but do claim that they will assign the listings to us. We have to do a BPO, check occupancy and moniter the property for them until listing.

Just wondering if anyone has had any success in working with this company.

Marian Tartaglione

Three Rivers Realty, Inc

I have been unable to find that info out and when I asked them to give me the name of an agent in Wisconsin that they work with so I can call and guessed it unable to.

Funny, they told me they would have an agent contact me.  But no agent ever contacted me.  And they were surely calling me back regarding the two properties they wanted services for.

Yes I did all of what you mentioned and they listed with another broker

Tell them to sign the listings first or some kind of payment agreement for your services if they dont give you the listing. Ive heard of some companies either not giving you the listing or reassigning them AFTER you have monitored, rekeyed, trashed out, etc. Essentially getting your property management services for free. I would not pay for a portal ahead of time.
Thank you CECE.
Thanks Michael.

Funny,  I just posted last week a similar story.  Actually almost the same.  REO PRO is the name.  No compensation for the BPOs and I have to pay $400 for their portal.  I'm feeling it's a scam so I am not moving forward.  And would love to give the guy a few choice words if he should call me today with this bs.  They gave me 2 addresses, 1 already listed with a contract!!


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