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Hello, is anyone familiar with REO Pro Corp? They called me with 2 assignments and said to pay $400 for their portal and they could send me more. Sounds questionable.

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Thanks Crystal.

It is a scam. They called me to do a drive by close to where I lived. I accepted the measly $35 and sent them the was close and I must have been bored. So in the meantime he calls me when I submitted the report to him and OMG raved over it, Best report he has seen in a long time. And then he proceeded to tell me the cost to do work FOR them would be only 400 bucks. I was incensed and asked him just to send my $35. Still after 4 months, no check. I reported them to the BBB. Stay FAR away from them,

I think anyone, or any company who asks you to pay them to work for you is a scam.  Like the work from home companies, they want you to send them $1000 to get the kit, so you can begin making $2500 a week.  If they were legit, they would send you the kit, and take it off your first check.    I see some repeat info here.  $400  6 weeks, 2 listings, not payment for BPO's.  Young agent in my office received this "deal" and while he was working on his BPO, I was assigned the listing through Equator.   Go figure.

Hahahahahahahaahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got the same bullshit email...After I got it, I called this Dana chick on the email and no response. There has to be something someone can do to stop these Fraudulent and deceitful companies from coming around and to stop, ripping hard working agents. It is disquisting and whats worse is that they get away with it...

This is what I received!

Hi Reetesh,
    My name is Dana Brozek, I'm an asset manager looking for active agents in the zip code 07055 area. Our lenders from the ICBA allow our platform as an Asset Management firm to distribute out 6-12 REO assignments within a 6 month period to an exclusive realtor in that area.
    We are looking for someone who can give realistic, updated values of the assignment on the market, give consistent feedback to REOProCorp for proper REO management, assist in REO listings and sales, and sell 4-8 of the 6-12 assignments.
    There are 2 REO assignments that will be assigned to you if you do become an active agent on the platform:
195 Burgess Pl
Passaic, New Jersey 07055
Passaic County
2 Barry Pl
Passaic, New Jersey 07055
Passaic County
To request a signup, please call me at the number below.
Thank you for your time!


Dana Brozek
Asset Manager
302-212-0127 ext. 535

Fellow agents:

I have completed six BPOs for REO PRO Corp.  This means SIX opportunities to either list in Short Sale or REO.  I asked the sales person who contacted me and the asset manager questions and they answered all of them favorably.  Give them a chance please.


So you paid $400 to do 6 free BPO's?  Let us know how it goes as I always said it is possible to be legit.

The problem I have is When they called me the guy said "he is an asset manager with Fannie Mae and had assignments".(just pay $400) I checked with Fannie Mae (as I  know a person there) and he confirmed they have nothing to do with REOPRO. (he also said I should file some form with them that he sent me as it is a violation of some federal law for REO PRO (or anyone) to say that and imply they are affiliated with them. (I have not done that....yet).


I think there is a misunderstanding here.  Please call them back.  They will want to talk to you and explain in more detail.  Let me know.

Any update on your listing opportunities with this company?

Hi Donna:

Can you give us an update? Did you ever get any listings from REO PRO Corp?? They've just contacted me by email and didn't mention anything at all about paying $400 but after reading this blog I'm sure they will ask if I contact them. Can you share your experience? 


Nothing at all.

so now it's july-did you get any listings?

NONE. Glad I did not send them money.


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