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Hello, is anyone familiar with REO Pro Corp? They called me with 2 assignments and said to pay $400 for their portal and they could send me more. Sounds questionable.

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You can register with any BPO company on your own I have not paid anyone to send me business

SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM.  check out 

This is a Scam. Run !!!

Just say no!  Rip off

never pay for work!!!!! there is too much for free....if you are paying you are desperate





Tom Wilson called me and did a thorough interview. He claimed that I was referred to him by REO Brokers Association. I had been a member, but let my membership laps over a year ago so that seemed strange. I was "bit" a few years ago, paid $395.00, never got paid the $75.00 for the BPO, and gave up the fight for a refund.

I got this a while back, and I have gotten three times already from three different people.

Subject: REO Assignments, Request for Active Agents

        My name is Sebastian Shaw, I am an Asset Manager looking for active agents in zip codes   07399, 07097, 07300, 07302, 07303 ext.. Our Lenders from the ICBA allow our platform, as an Asset Management Firm, to distribute 6-12 assignments in a 6 month period. These would be for an exclusive Realtor in that preferred area. It does allow the agent to cover  up to 20 separate zip codes as well. 
        We are looking for someone who can give realistic updated values of the assignments on the market. Also give consistent feedback to REO PRO CORP for proper REO management. Assist in REO listings and sales. Sell 4-8 of the 6-12 assignments. 
        Here are 2 REO assignments that will be assigned to you if you do become an active agent on the platform. 
41 Mozart St
East Rutherford, New Jersey 07097
Hudson County

198 Grand St
Jersey City, New Jersey 07302
Hudson County
(302) 212-0675 ext 534
Please ask for Sebastian Shaw
Thank you for your time,
Sebastian Shaw
Asset Manager
Direct Line:  (302) 212-0681 

run, run, run, run, run. Take your money with you and mark them as spam in your inbox. NO ONE who calls for placement and wants money is legitimate. If they have to call for order placement and are legitimate you can usually name your price within reason. You may have to sign up but no fees. The only time fees are legitimate is if they require use of either Resnet or Equator but that fee can be minimal or nothing depending on what they need you to do.

I was approached by them, I did my homework and found them to be a bad company and copied and e mailed copies of parts of comments about them.  The guy called me and told me they were written by "bottom feeders" who they fired for poor work.  I politely told him I had all the business I needed and GOOD BY

Here's the email I received today.  Promises the same 2 listings everyone else has been promised.

I am emailing you in regards to several REO assignments that are available in your area, and I am looking for an agent that can market and sell a property within 60 days.  A little bit on how we work here.  We work directly with the ICBA (Independent Community Bankers of America) so small to mid size lenders and banks.  We receive the assignment directly from them and then I search for an agent in that area that is qualified to handle REO assignments and that are familiar in doing BPOs.  Once the agent accepts the assignment they get complete exclusivity on that REO assignment, we do not pursue any other agent for that assignment.  This is all done through our web office portal.  Once the agent completes the BPO we submit it on your behalf to the lender.  Once the lender approves it they then pursue you directly as the listing agent.  Also we are a Full Asset Management firm and that means we take care of all of the overhead meaning we put all of the utilities in our name (gas, electricity etc.) we also take care of the trash outs, re-keys, cash for keys etc, as well as any of the maintenance that needs to be done on the property.  What that does is it takes the pressure off of you so that you can do what you do best and market and sell that property.  On that we do not take any any commission splits or referral fees.  We receive a 2% commission from the lender itself after closing, hence why I am looking for an agent that can market and sell a property in 60 days.  I currently have 2 properties in your area that need to be assigned and BPOs completed.  These smaller lenders are very adamant about getting these done because they are not like the larger lenders and banks in that they cannot sit on these properties because they cannot afford to so they are very willing to work with you on the price of the property to be able to get at least some of their investment back.  If you are available to do REO assignments please contact me via email or my direct line I would greatly appreciate it.  There is somewhat of an urgency behind these assignments.  I am an Asset Manager here so I will be here to help you with anything you should need or want to know and I look forward to speaking with you more.

Got my solicitation today. Same exact email as everyone else. Thought it would be better to look into the Independent Community Bankers of America. There might be a way into their membership list. Or just contact your local community banks from the phone book.

Just as a follow-up.  The Independant Community Bankers which is where this groups claims to get their reo referrals from has on their website a search you can do to look at their "vendor members".  Reo-Pro is not listed as a member of this organization


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