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REO PRO (llc)? Has anyone ever used them? $400 bucks for their platform usage

They are trying to assign me two properties.  First I have to do the bpos with no compensation.  They guarantee me the listing for short sale or reo but one of the properties is currently listed and under contract. 

Not sure how they got my info but I did sign and pay for reoindustry.  I believe I got burned already and think these companies could be passing my info around.

Please reply if you have good or bad info regarding REO PRO.


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Better listen to all these folks.

Yes, I am done with REO PRO.  Telling them to lose my darn number!!

I see Wendell Funderburg had already started a discussion about this company.  I was just so anxious to find something out about these crooks I didn't bother to read prior blogs. 

This discussion forum is really good and now I'm glad I have you all for info.



Already backed away. Thanks

Nop don't do it!!!!. be aware brokers,outside the scam attack are for Agents looking for REO accounts, no money upfront!

Run the other way!!!
Legit companies don't make a bunch of promises or claim to put your name in front of thousands of asset managers and ask for money up front.
A legit company will work to get you BPOs for $5 to $10 for each captured BPO and listings for a percentage of the final commission.


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