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Has anyone paid the $97 to get setup and work with this company?  Are they any good or just a scam?

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What do they promise?  What is their HQ address?  Who owns them?  Never heard of them.  Probably just another deadend. 

I skimmed through their sales pitch.  It refers to "I" several times but I can't find a name associated with it or an email address or a physical address.  It refers to a lifetime membership in which only operates in CA and Nevada 'and soon expanding'.    Platinum requires certification by REOVC.  It does say they are a member of NABPOP which is a credible BPO standards organization in my opinion. 

Further disclaimers are:  - there is an email address on this one with a single name - not sure if it is a first or last name - Sumaryan

domain name registered in December 2012 in Queensland Australia.

Thanks for all your hard work checking into this and from what you have noted it does look fishy and probably should stay away unless we hear from anyone else noting they have signed up for it and received REO listings...

Thanks again; have a great day!

I learned awhile back not to pay to play.

YES!, I feel they are a scam, and we need to set up a legal path by which we can sue these lazy, spoiled guys who do not want to wakeup in the morning to go to real paying job.

This company claims they will send you tons of material during the online presentation to help you get exposure to a broader R/E market, only  to find  out that at the end of the presentation that you have to download all of this juke! ARE YOU SERIOUS YOU LAZY BUMS?


Thank you for the info, just listened to the webinar.

Don't fall for it.

just listen to there pitch, first one I have listened to in a few years! but all the same...

 Would love to HUD/ REO's listings etc.but paying for some system just seems like a late night infomercial

Anyone that does have work w/ asset mgrs. contact me privately ( if your not in Central Florida) and let me know how to get some...I wont be stepping on your toes if your not in Central Florida! Pay it forward, I am in the number one relocation state in the union and you all have clients moving my way as they get older, referrals are nice regardless of your distressed asset biz  is still around.   They are emailing agents in South Alabama now.   Be careful.  If it sounds too good to be true, it  is!  :-)


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