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Anyone heard of REO RAINMAKER? I paid $97.00 to register with them.
I appreciate your input or any information you may have.

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Everything that I have heard about them states that REO Rainmaker is a scam.  One agent stated that she did bulk mailings to the addresses on the list she paid for and that all of them came back as not deliverable.  Apparently she contacted them and was refunded the $97.

 All of their information was outdated and a waste of my money.

The info they provide is good for a realtor that is new to the market. With that said with some time and skill with resumes and marketing you can do it yourself with a little effort.

The rest is a scam in my opinion, because the data is outdated. Good luck...

I also paid for this.  I still get email and text messages   for the  agent list

Its complicated  to do the resume and sent to all the asset companies  and half were returned

Just keep trying. the information they sent is basically the same you can get from anywhere on line

a lot of information is outdated


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