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Has anyone paid the $97 to get setup and work with this company?  Are they any good or just a scam?

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Just got email from them. I wonder how accurate is the list. He also claim to have the HUD 2015 winners

I signed up and paid mid last year.  It's a scam.

just listened to a pitch about joining for $97. They send you asset managers ph#'s and bank addresses.

and other videos.  Also suggested doing bpo's for free to get your foot in the door.

Sounds too good to be true.

I heard about this in 2002 and it is the same pitch.

Also stay from Lear Team who charge $400. , ask you to do bpo's for free and when the property goes on the market, they will give it to you to sell as an REO.   Not true.   I paid last year, did two bpos and got nothing. They also have a large turnover of personal.

Don't waste your money. All of the information is very outdated.

Dave it is a ripoff with a way to sell nothing for $97.  "Pay to Play" never gets us anywhere and unless we all stand up and say "No"  it will continue to ripoff good hard working agents!  Working for Free will never get us anywhere as well! This is just my opinion only.  

I agree - I do not pay to play...

I have used Reo rainmaker it does help somewhat it gives you information on how to sign up with different vendors and also a 90 plan to obtain new business. I have found it to be helpful because a plan is needed when seeking more business in the Reo industry. 

Received your e-mail of  your recent reply. even though you get the asset manager's list does not mean you are going to get chosen.   Asset managers have been doing business with seasoned REO Agents and will continue to do so, as yourself.   There must be a better way to get this list for less.  90day plan, we should be able to do that if we are not new.

Need more positive input before spending money.

Thanks for your info Aaron Hickey.

Their company name is enough to turn me off. 

Apparently, they have changed from REO Rainmaker to REO Blueprint 2017  WWW.REOBP.COM .. don't get  SCAMMED same company. The website has a new 2017 domain 


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