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Hi, I received an email to sign up for a National REO Roster at Has anyone used this service and did you get any REO listings? Thanks!

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I will tell you what I did, then you can do it as well.

Typcially, all these pay sites have "Realtor Directories" so I just query my local area and personally contact those Realtors and ask, "Has being a member of XYZ Company provided a measureable difference to your business?". I did that with and mostly I heard, "No, we aren't renewing our subscription"

Tip # 1: If they have a public "Agent Directory", that typically means they don't have connections with banks and you are just on a mailing list they market on line. My understanding is that legitimate lead generation firms don't pulicize thier Realtor Directories because of the confidentiality agreements they have with thier banks.

Tip # 2: Contact thier current memberhsip or ask for referrals from thier customer service. I call agents across the country on these types of sites. If they don't have a public directory, I call customer service and ask for referrals. Most of the time, they can't give me a referral so I move on.

Tip # 3: Check the local BBB website to where the companies HQ is located. Corporate BBB complaints go to the local office where the HQ of the subject company is located. So, if you check your local BBB but the companies HQ is located in another city, you may not get a complete and accurate picture of thier BBB record.

Tip # 4: Always check with REOPro members, with almost 1000 members across the nation, someone may know something that can truly be helpful.
Thanks Jesse! I'll check it out. Karen
I had joined up with them however, I did not receive any assignments thru them. I have noticed however that some of the agents who were on before me are still there. I would suggest that you find out from them, especially of one in your area if they have benefitted from the site. In my case it was not does not mean that it will not be good in your case. For me, I did not renew after it expired.
Jesse I always enjoy your posts. They are not only informative but the logic behind the advice is so professional. I also have signed for this service and have not received any benefits. I will not be renewing this year.
I have never heard of them and been around for over 25 years in the Rei circles, Its a shame with all these new companies trying to sell us this crap
Some companies will only use agents who are hooked up with their transaction platform such as Resnet but for the most part, there isn't a decent asset manager who finds their listing agents by looking in any book or directory. VERY rare and you would probably have to be the only agent within a hundred miles of nowhere. I do get some calls from a couple of free registrys but that's because everything they offer is really in the boonies and is usually a ragged out trailer nobody wants. Bird dog the asset managers companies instead.
Happy Closings;)
Citi will only use agents RES.NET agents who have gone through Citi's training which is at
Hi Carlos:

I am a member of however, they won't let you complete the Citi specific training without an invite and you can only get the invite by filling out the CMI Mortgage Broker Application. Have you been able to find anything out about that yet?

Citi has a way of doing things and I am going through that process. Will definitely let you know when I find out.
Here's a tip I'm particularly fond of - find out the closing attorneys for your area and cultivate a staff administrator. They have ALL the contacts. Most asset managers only use one attorney who specializes in foreclosures. This is confidential info and you have to tiptoe around the issue but it can pay off if handled right.

That might be the case for some asset managers. However, when you are dealing with the large financial institutions they use more than one attorney. The attorney's are also graded on their performance just like the listing agents, closing agents and any vendor they use.
Did you get any replies to this question? What were the responses if any?


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