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Has anyone worked, or currently working with REO World?  They just activated me and sent an assigment after sending over my Lic, E & O and Zips.

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I have worked with REO World. They are a good company. With my assets, they tended to price high to start but would reduce prices as time went on. Just keep on top of your weekly reports.
I am very happy to say, today REO World has given me my first assignment for them. I found them through this site and signed up just recently.
  Any new updates on REO World? I've noticed increase in their listings in my area. It looks like their doors are closed for agents.

Any thoughts

REO World based out of Newport Beach, CA. I've been to their office. They're a legit asset management outsourcer from several banks.

I just received an invitation from them. I am not sure where or how, maybe they found me on REO Network or because of my company's current and previous REO work...But yes, invitation only..

Hey Jonathan,

I have closed 3 REO's. I have no complaints. Each Asset Mgr. has been outstanding
Your coverage area is limited to a 10 mile radius of your office. 

Surprisingly, they contacted me from an unknown ((preferred to be annomonous) referral. Take care of them and they will take care of you! Regards, James
Yes, a few every year. They want free BPO's for future listings.


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