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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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The problem is, that some of them are out of state and they know it would be time consuming to take them to court.  So, they take you for granted.  I would recommend to try and only deal with local state companies if you can manage it.  That's why I make Clearcapitol priority one on my list of good payers and they are in my state of California.

What is your definition of a 90 to 120 day price for a BPO if asked. What I use is 90 to 120 day comparable sales from the date of contract not the date of sale. What methods do you guys use to determine a 90 to 120 day valuation figure?


I have used the DOM averages also in a slow market scenario. If any asset managers are on this page I would like to have your opinion please. Thank you...

After three phone calls and several emails, including one which I told them I had all the data for their report but refused to fill it in as they refused to acknowledge they owe me money, I finally got an email today, two weeks later. And here is what it said:

Dear Tara Nagelhout,


We are sorry for the delay in scheduling, we have your orders from July, August and September scheduled for our next available date 1/7.


Please bear in mind that this is a scheduled date and if for any reason we fall behind in our scheduled payments this date might be pushed back
some, but they are
indeed scheduled and will be sent out as soon as possible.





Deana Lopez

Accounting Assistant, Inc.

8700 Turnpike Dr. Ste #300

Westminster, Co 80031


Fax 303-430-9050

Funny - I got the same exact email, but the date on mine was 12/31/2010...

I'm sure it's a template email that they just send out to agents.

I'm owed over $500 from and with every order request, I respond asking about the past due payment.
The funny thing is I've received duplicate orders from them and another company I work for and the other company has paid me NOT them.

Of course, they are coming from the same lender, so we know the lender is paying them.

Sounds like they have too much overhead and can't afford to pay the measly $35 they offer for an order that their competitors pay $50 for.

I got this same reply. They owe me back thru July. Total of $485.00. This same lady told me that they were "waiting on recepits from their customers"..... I reported them to the Denver BBB. THey said they have had 132 complaints in the past 32 months and that once they had received the complaint, satisfied the debt on all 132. It is worth a try. Good luck!

That's the normal template letter they send to every agent as an excuse for late payments...  What a joke.

Hey Donald:


my understanding of the 90-120 day value is your projected market values for that time frame or tier of time. the market value in the 90-120 day tier should be different than the value in the 0-90 day tier. the value can either be higher or lower than the 0-90 day value but should not be more than 20%. 0-90 day value should be your market value.


hope this helps.



When I decided to not work for them again I called the two agents I know who do a lot of BPOs and let them know.  But you know what would be better?  Let's ALL make it our facebook status.....that should get them attention.
well I was beginning to think the folks at evalonline didn't lke me and thats why I was'nt getting paid. Quit working for them last year but did finally get paid. I feel sorry for the folks who have to work there, you can just hear the disqust / anquish in their voice when you turn down an order and tell them your not working for them because of non payment. I am thankful for all the good reputable companies that pay when their suppose too
You know what's sad is that Evalonline just got a bunch of orders in our area.  I guess the lenders don't know or don't care how they operate.  I learned my lesson because it took me over 2 years to collect what they owed me.  It breaks my heart to pass on orders in the "slow times" but I think I saved myself a lot of time in the long run.
Tara I think you are on to something!
I too am having trouble with I did fill out a complaint today on the Denver BBB website. Not sure if that will do any good. I have refused work from them, left voicemails that I will be getting attorney involved etc. It is a ridiculous amount of money that they owe me. Anyone live in Denver willing to ring their bell....I mean doorbell of course, to find out what is going on? 


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