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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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I just got bombared with emails from Evalonline today with so many exterior bpos due the following day at 11am eastern. But the problem here is that there sending these emails at 5pm pacific time. Its gettting dark outside. I replyed to them asking them for more time and also that its dark outside and also what was the turnaround time and they stated 45 to 60 days...Did not reply regarding more time. I rather not. I heard bad reviews and also from reading here never mind.

The best way to work with eval is not to do any work with them.  Finally got paid from BPO's that were done in June. I refuse to work for them. They expect miracle turnaround time for their orders but take their sweet time paying you.

I agree, Eval wants you to do a speedy turn around time and they are ruthless with not allowing extensions, at least here anyway, and then they ignore your phone calls and emails for payment. Complete waste of time.

These are the GOOD companies I know of:


Goodman Dean

Single Source

Clear Capital



Intergrated Asset Services (IAS)





The BAD Companies are:

Evaluation Solutions (evalonline)


Those two are the most terrible in the enitre world!

I work with most of the ones you listed and considered all companies good if they pay.

Qustion to all: If you had to pick just one BPO company to work for and that would be the only one you could work for, which would one would it be?  Silly question I know but I really am curious as to what the response will be.

Good question actually, Sorry,can't just pick just one, and I'm thankful I can't ! Thankfully there are more good companys then bad. All these have great support and pay.

To pick from ?

Goodman Dean

Secured Lending




Old Republic (after negotiations) I like their forms and people a lot.


Judith, I can't seem to get in with Old Republic, can't figure out how. Could you hep me? PM is good.
Tara,I've been with them for about 3-4 years,don't remember how I got in,but I just checked it out on line under Old Republic Default Management Services,go to valuations and there's a spot at the bottom to fill ot an application,now in case you already did that?.....I'd do it again myself. They initially offer low amounts,but they will negotiate....when you get in, stick with your amounts.The one thing they and any of them love is pics taken,appt made and etc,that's gotten me a lot of referrals from one reviewer to another.Good Luck.
The best I found to get orders from any company is to call and ask for them and keep calling. Eventually orders start coming through. It takes a while but you have to be persistent. When working with a new company the faster you get them in the better.  It also pays to take more time with the order and get them right.  Anyway that's one way that helped get me started.

love secured lending their are my absolute favorite

What is their website address?

I agree with Goodman Dean, IAS is slow, up to 45 days, Ocwen does pay online within 25 days.


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