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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Secured Lending

E mortgage Logic


Finiti is great

Core logic I like how they list their payments.

I would like to have an idea as to the number of BPO's agents are receiving per month?

anywhere from 10-20.
40-75,about 8-10 interiors a month out of that,we are COUNTRY here,so these aren't generally "around the corner" type.Comps can be upwards over 15 miles apart in some areas .My daughter and I are a team so I give her the closest ones,(we are licensed in two states) my husband and I generally go together for pics,I upload and label as we go to the next one because I try to get them so it's in the general, same area and amazingly enough we always end up at a favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner : ))) Fees around here are currently 50 exterior,75-100 for interior,25-30 for PCR's,what are others getting paid?

sounds like my neck of the woods!  I do 60 to 80 a month and am trying very hard to start cutting back to 40 or less.  Our area is Rural and comps will sometimes range up to 30 miles.  The best thing I like about doing BPO's is driving the country side,  seems that ther is always somewher that I haven't seen. Very relaxing sometimes.

Evaluations Solutions don't pay.
I let evaluation solutions to accumulate for a few months and then get a large check. The ones that are really behind with me is UTLS , they just paid me for a BPO done back in July. Do any one got listings from UTLS?
no listings from UTLS, I have a few they owe me for, they always have paid in the past, however they have gotten slower.  I am just curious as to why company's that are slow too pay are always the ones that want the orders in with the fastest turn around time?
Old Republic and Clear Capital are the best!

Ilike Old Republics forms but I do not like their low fees.

They will negotiate.
Hi - Doesn't Old Republic require that you register with and pay a fee?

yes, and pay for how to do a bpo...

their REO inventory is low. typ they resell to another bank. at least in No CA.


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