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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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I finally got paid by UTLS for my BPOs.
What did you do to finally get their attention? I have been calling and emailing them for BPO's that we did for them way back October 2010. They owe us $1,000+. No one's replying to my email nor returning my call. I'm having second thoughts already if I'm still going to accept BPO's from them.
They owe you over $1,000 and you are having second thoughts about accepting orders???  They owe me under half that and I told them where to go.  Think of the money you have out in GAS alone and then figure the interest on that money.....
your time would be better spent getting orders from better reputable companies. There is too much work out there to be working for nothing. I do hope you get paid.

Also add:

Goodman Dean

Ocwen, direct deposit

IAS, within 45 days

Broker Price finally paid me my $485 lus $75 for some order I didn't even remember doing. I also got an apology letter from them. All in two weeks. All I had to do was contact the BBB. They perfer me not to do orders for them but who cares, they are losers...
Did they really say they prefer you not do orders?  I told to take a flying you know what until they decide to pay me, but even then I won't work for them.  I thought about the amount of gas I used doing their stupid 20 hour turn around orders and then thought about the interest they are earning on my  money and got really really mad!
They actually cut off my access to the site LOL. Those silly gooses. They sent a LONG apology letter stating how broke and sorry they were. They sent a copy of the check with it.

Dear James,

I hope you didn't cry too long when they cut off your access.  I am sure the emotional turmoil will haunt you for  years to come, but be strong. 

Yes, my next target is Evaluation Solutions. The BBB in Florida said they culdn't help with collections of debts of services in that state but I'm working on them. But for, BBB 100% works, two week turn around.


And they kept calling me for orders and I kept getting into arguments and they kept calling. Finally they stopped. I was slightly entertained they cut the access off. Don't know if they turned it back on but I won't be working for them anytime soon so it is ok,

Broker Price Opinion called the other day for a BPO and I told them that all I've been hearing about is the negativity on the Blogs about how they don't pay and they still owed my daughter for two from 7 months ago,the woman was very apologetic,explained that they had several major clients go under that owed them money,the employees had to take pay cuts and etc. for the company to survive. She sent me the name and email of the person to contact and added "we will put you on hold so that we don't call you anymore till this is straightened out",didn't try it,but I guess we're cut off too?? awwwwww! breaks my heart........Here's the information she gave me:

303-991-9919 Ext. 1081

James, thanks for the info. Can you tell me what state Broker Price Opinion operates in?  I'd like to file a complaint with BBB also.


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