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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Yeah, but old republic only pays $30 for a bpo and they want it in 24 hours!

Hi there Cindy,


I just started with Titanium how do you get to the REO side from being a HRC?

This is my list of good pay:

Pcv murcor

Secured Lending

Goodman Dean




the only company that I did one BPO and never got paid was Quality BPO's I don't know if they even exist anymore.

UTLS kind of slow , they just send me a check from september.

has anyone heard of  signed up with them today but have never heard of them. 

I worked for Evaluation solutions for allmost 2 years , Allmost $4,000 worth of work and they would not pay.

repeated phone call and emails were ignored

Contact my attorney, he sent them a letter and got a check for  $2800 within a few days. Had to give the attorney 1/3 but other wise I don't think I would ever get paid from this company.

 Will never work for them   again.



James, just FYI, the "go to" person at Eval is Lorie Carter ( .  I had the same problem with non-payment (over $3,000). I had tried unsuccessfully to contact accounting, but within one day of emailing Lorie, she replied back, and within a week I had the check in my hand. Lorie apologized and told me to contact her if I had any more payment issues.

I got paid TODAY (3/23/2011) for a BPO I completed in JULY of 2010!  And the check was cut back in January of 2011... Note to self, no more BPO's for Network Mortgage Servicing!


Photo of BPO Check

I wrote a letter to and sent the original to the home address of Mr. Coates on March 30, 2011. It reqested payment for my three bpo's and an agent in my office who had not been paid for 26 bpo's since 2009. Received a check for my bpo's on April 18th. Other agent has received two of the three promised payments. Also had a personal call from Mr. Coats along with six from various people claiming to be in the accounting dept. providing a variaty of explanations for delay in payment, etc. before the first check arrived.  One more check to go and then we're done with this company.
Eric, I'd like to have Mr. Coates' address if you still have it.  I've been doing BPOs for Broker Price Opinion for the past several months (about 20 BPOs so far), and have yet to be paid.  I even emailed "Ashley M" in accounting (asked a rep who to contact and that's the name she gave me). Didn't get a reply from Ashley, but a man called me (didn't get his name), and told me that I didn't need to contact them. They had all of my info and a record of the work I've completed, and I would be paid.  That was around the end of March and I still haven't gotten a check. If you could post Mr. Coates' address, I'd really appreciate it.  It's no fun working if it's for free!
The BBB (which I believe Broker Prie is in Colorado) got my money within weeks. Check the companies site to make sure that is where tey are located at. They owed me over 650 dollars. I got it all and an exta 75 dollars I still am not sure where it came from.
Hi Cindy, Were you an asset manager?? I think I had a listing with you a long time ago
I want to post an update for UTLS that I did a BPO for them in March 2011 and we received payment in April 2011. I believe they are back on track with paying more promptly......      now if I can just figure out how to get back on Citi s broker list .....very frustrated by this


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