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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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They will negotiate up,I just take the email they sent,send it to a co ordinator that I've worked with for a long time and ask does she know who has it and if I could get 50 ext or 65 interior,I'd do it...she forwards the email to whoever has it and if they don't have someone they contact me pretty shortly, I work with enough companys that I usually do 4-8 or more at one time so it all works out and makes it worthwhile. I love Old Republics forms....and if you put that one particular statement about the listing history they're usually pretty happy.


They will increase the fee if you wait.  Typically an hour or a half hour later they send out the order again at $40, then $55, and then they start emailing directly.  Perhaps I'm lucky that I'm in a rural area so I get that opportunity.
Add the following non-pay companies: Sign On The X and Notary On The Run, Inc..
Kathy Lagor
Lender Services Group, LLC
702-647-3655 voice
702-648-8677 fax

Doesn't pay either. I received a call asking for a CMA and I had asked if this was for a BPO and she said yes. Then she sent me the paperwork to get paid for the BPO and did the BPO. I have been trying to call and e-mail and I am not getting a response.
you say Franklin Credit is doing you a good job?
To what extent have you worked for them. BPOs only?
Armando Cespedes
Alvin ,TX
Hi after reading this forum about BPO prices and payments -- I'm flabbergasted as I was just sending a request into Old Republic for REO's. Their paperwork states that I will do several BPO's and if I can submit good BPO's that pass their QC deptartment -- Then a REO will be given out.....Thanks for all the comments as now I'm leaving Old Republic alone as I do have over 1400 asset managers for REO assignments to contact. Now will not contact any Old Republic asset managers for assignments....As for Ocwen every once in a while a Ocwen representative contacts me for a interior BPO. And they wire into my broker account the payment fee. Because I tell them my problems with their company. I have been turning down BPO's for $40.00 from Ocwen as I still have memories of their lack of paying for expenses on REO's as they change asset managers who do not have any knowledge of who authorizes expense payments. I refuse to do business with them anymore due to business practices. Pre marketers make sure that I get paid fast but like I say I used to do only interiors hoping for a REO and it was looking like all I was doing was pricing out some other agents REO - So I have quit them completely in late 2009 to present.....

Just how much is several, to them that can be 100's and they are making this same statement to all the other agents who are your competitors.  Getting REO's with that deal would be slim to none.  The reality is that they already have their chosen listing brokers just like all these platforms that charge an arm and a leg that run with your money.

dear all,
I have been trying to sign up with Goodman Dean, but no success! what should i do? Do they have a newwesite?.
My opinion of Evaluation Solutions is very poor at this time. Somehow, I have let them get to me to the tune of over $2,000.00. I haven't been paid by them since Sept '09. My bad for not cutting them off earlier, but they continue to come up with excuses for the non-payment (ie. need updated W9, or license), which is total B.S. since I have an email confirming a complete application with them. Each time they send me orders I call and ask where my check is, and I always get the same answer - "I'll check with accounting and get a check issued to you within the next 48 hours, can you PLEASE take these orders that I have?." So, me being the gullible type, I take the orders and do a good job, and then still don't get paid. Then last week they have the nerve to send me 41 orders, all due the next day at 3:00pm.

I'm not a happy-camper with Evaluation Solutions right now.

Mike and John.. Eval Solutions really does suck when it comes paying the agents. I have since stopped doing business with them ever since I had to go after my money. Their ridiculous 1 day turnarounds for an assignment are assinine. I guess they want you to follow-up for your money or else they have no intention of paying us.

I had a contact over at Eval Solutions that was great in getting my check to me. You are more than welcome to try her. Her name is Tiffany Hall at x125. I called her and told her how late I was on getting paid. She agreed with me and I had my $500 check about 5 days after speaking with her. Ever since I was paid current by them, I have no longer done any BPOs for them even with them still calling. Give her a call and let me know if you had success. GOOD LUCK.
Evalonline or evaluation solutions suck!!!! I have been trying incessantly to get paid for the 10 bpo's I did for them back in October and November 2009. I was told two weeks ago that a check was processed for the amount owed to me, I am still waiting for the check.

I would advise to not do any work for these people. They are crooks!!!
I've had to chase my 1k for many months. Tiffany Hall was the only one who was able to help. And theirs dedlines are less the 24h for orders, but to get your money is 6+ months.


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