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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Chances are you probably won't.  Their reputation is bad for not paying. I would not accept any from them. I have been just ignoring their assignments.

When you call, ask for Walter Coates.  He is the owner of  Don't take any BS from the receptionist.  I had to do that to get money from them. 

I sent a letter to Walter on March 30th to his home and office. April 18th received my check for 3 bpo's. First attempt they forgot to put a stamp on the envelope.  Another agent in my office was paid in three checks for over $900 from March to May. Mr. Coates did call me direct in April and we discussed his accounting staff responses.

Hi Eric,

I have had problems with this company. I was wondering if you could send me his home address or let me know how I can find it. His company owes me and I would like to be paid.


Olga Shurlow

West USA

OK guys, after a long fight with the Evaluation solutions I've got my money. So they do pay, one of the Rep's told me that they are improving on the payments. Let's hope that it's a truth.
They do pay. The lady who called me by phone told me ask her to chase the check for you after 45 days.
The part I hate is they give you only 4 hours and bug you to death. So you turn in after 4 hour 2 mins they say
you are tardy. I think you can negotiate asking for extra gas money.
People are the same co. culture difference can make it a chore.
Who did you talk to and what number did you call at evaluation solutions? I have sent emails, and called and no one answers or their voicemails are full. I am about ready to call the attorney general. PLEASE HELP! Thanks in advance!
Mandy, call direct # to evoline904- 288-2004 and you need to find Tiffany Hall. She is the one who will help you.
I emailed the following email addresses and was finally paid for ALL my BPOs after about 3.5 months:,,

I got this tip from Evaluation Solutions has been doing this for YEARS apparently!

Good Luck!
Bank of America pay quickly $55.00 for regular BPO, $85.00 for rush.
How does one get BofA BPO's?
Joyce, how can we get to BofA orders? do they assign directly?


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