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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Connie same here. After looking at my REC they owned me 5500 they paid after i told them that going to report them.


After that they said it was slow in my are.......LOL

I did go to the BBB and got my final $255, but understood since then they went bankrupt or out of business.  Several of their good asset managers got let go too.  Once I got my money, they booted me out of their system which was fine with me.  The last fees I got were 5 months after they were finished.  Who can work with those kind of terms, so it wasn't a surprise for me went I heard they filed bankruptcy.  Good riddance.

Secured Lending Services - SLS has stopped paying.

I don't think so...they are just outsourcing quality control of the second bulk to India and payments are not to be expected in 10 days like before. I receive my checks within 30 days and I do over 60 BPOs per month for Secured Lending Services.

Are you out of pay for orders completed over 30 days? Would really appreciate your response, I absolutely LOVE working with this company.

I don't do that many as you...but I have some that are going into last year.  I stopped do them and gave them that reason.  I have spoken with the person in charge ...James Carr and he told me that they are revamping their accounting.... I have sent in 4 emails...with all the order #'s and even spoken to a couple of the representatives I have dealt with in the past.   They tried but still nothing.  

We are talking about the same Secured Lending Services, out of PA? Orders from HSBC? Sooo strange, this is the fastest paying Company! Then again, Evaluation Solutions never owed me a dime, they always paid me on time....but here I am with over $3,500 in the hole from UTLS....Quality BPOs never paid me either, after $2,000 I stopped taking orders. Unreal we have to go through this!! We really need to take action!!

I do work for Secured,,,and NREIS. They are seperate companies.Actually visited them in person.The 2 companies are in same industrial park across parking lot from each other. Secured uses NREIS platform. Secured is HSBC,,NREIS is mostly Nationstar bank. They have seperate accounting,,and co-ordinators ect ect..just same platform I understand.

Secured are good,,,not as fast as Goodman dean,,but faster pay than others including Clear Capital. NREIS was always 60 days approx last 3 years for me. I only do 1 for them now and then.  NREIS recently was bought by another...and "they infused money" to clear up there problems.  Words used by my co-ordinator.Lady I spoke with,Austin in accounting, told me her dept was newly formed to do this(clear up old delquencis).She said 1-2 weeks to get catching up.

 I've only 3 BPOs delinquent..30-60...but every one counts when paying bills.

 I took another today from NREIS...easy local one..after my cordinator promised to use his channels to try and get me paid sooner.

 I wouldn't want to be on the hook for too much...I go over every check immediatley and call or email before I get too many 30+.

 Hope this helps with knowing difference between 2 companies.

 The accounting is not shared between 2 companies..I have a friend in Secured accounting that quickly clears up anything...but occaisionally she has said that is 'not ours, it's NREIS and you need to call them....when I look again at order request she is correct,,nationstar and different co-ordinator. I try and keep my completed orders from both and Yellow over the "NREIS" to remember it was them when I am waiting 60 days later.

I hate to see Secured Lending get drug through the mud because of NREIS. Secured Lending is paying their money, but NREIS owes me over $4000 for commercial work,I was floored when I totaled it up! They always did pay late and I had gotten tied up with a lot of FC's and BPO's and didn't keep up with it like I should have,now that things have settled down to a dull roar.....I call NREIS every week and email and they keep telling me the same canned answers......the latest addition was "the owner looks at the list every week and decides who gets paid!"  What a crock!,,,,,I asked how do I get to the top of the list? .....Just keep calling....This is crazy! I like the idea to pay a personal visit....who would be the best person to ask for? Personally, I love SL, and the co ordinators I worked with at NREIS were great. The last request from NREIS I told them when I see the check come in the mail I would more then gladly work for them again,

SL has always been great to work for and has always paid for completed work.  However NREIS has not paid me for work completed last year and some work completed earlier in the year.  I hate working for BPO companies for nothing!  Does anyone have contact information for anyone at NREIS?  I have not been able to get a call back or an email answer from the contact that I have.  Also, as assignments come through secured system, how do you distinguish from which company is sending the order?  The company sending  may be in the order and  I have just not paid close enough attention as to who is sending out the request. Thanks for your help

For NREIS I am contacted separately for commercial work,given a separate 1 or two page assignment order and a separate BPO order form that I email in with a separate photo sheet to a NREIS co ordinator.....Mr Bill contacts me every once in a while and gives me one (he's over there with NREIS now) and they go on the secured lending sight (residential ones),but I get paid for them by is confusing. Does anyone do commercial work for NREIS? How's that working for you? I hate to have to give NREIS up, but what am I giving up if I'm not getting paid ? Ext's were 165 and int 255 :(((.....But I will continue with SL as long as they keep paying, which like I say I haven't had any problem with them but will play closer attention to them too.......I just did about 30 bulk orders with them last week,I certainly don't want them to fail.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

I'm having a problem getting paid from NREIS aka: Secured Lending Services for a BPO that I did in January.  After numerous phone calls and emails to their single contact Edward Gruden in accounts payable I have finally given up and told them to remove me from their list.  This is the first BPO that I have not been paid for in 2 1/2 years.   I was told they are on a 90+ day pay schedule.  I love it.  They demand a 2 day turn around but they can take 90 plus days to pay.  That essentially could mean forever.  Anyone else having problems with this company?


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