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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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NREIS does not pay and now SLS is slowing down in paying for orders.


Also, Ed Gruden has quit NREIS.  He couldn't take the verbal abuse I was told.  NREIS is asking could I do a settlement with them or give them a payment plan???


Are you serious?  NREIS wants a payment plan?  Next to Bank of America, Secured is one of my biggest accounts.  I appreciate the notice, because I was totally blindsided when LPS lost Freddie Mac and cut us all off without warning.  Thanks for the update.

SLS is paying, they have never not paid me.  Their sister company NREIS had stopped paying but now are on a payment plan.  So far, so good. They made the first payment.  Protek pays religiously and even posts when the checks will go out.

ok, so could you tell me how I could go about getting them to do this with me? They are in to me for over $4,000.Any help would be appreciated. I am SICK of hearing the canned answers from them. They at one time were a good company to work for...shame. Secured Lending is still paying though,thank goodness.

OK, so I called NREIS "once again",same canned answers and then I told them that I found out that they were making payment plans available......"would you be willing to do that?" she said,"if that's the only way I can get Paid,then I'll do what it takes" I told her.....annnnnnnnd when you write this up tell them I am fed up and the States attorney will be my next contact and anyone else that will look into this.She asked how much would I be willing to accept a month?, told her I would like $1000,she said she couldn't do that much but felt $850 would probably get approved and would probably start in September"...You know if it wasn't for this site I wouldn't have any idea what to do and as fast as she agreed to it and lead the conversation about it, it appears that this is a regular happening with them..........we'll see, I will keep you posted...I also made sure they had my correct address : )) I am still getting paid on a regular basis with Secured Lending and don't even consider them on NREIS level....much,much higher,they have been great to work for.So Thanks to everybody.

I just got my payment plan agreement letter from them Friday,signed,sent back, they are making payments of $840 @ month for 5 months...gave the schedule when it would be paid each month....the person to contact is Austin, she is at 1-888-380-2424....and as stated before....I am still getting paid by Secured Lending on a regular problems.As long as NREIS pays like they say I would have no problem going back with them.....their Commercial BPO's promised ok money, so maybe they'll get their act together now?

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the feedback. I do a lot of BPO's for CoreLogic, LPS & Service Link. just contacted me. After reading all the negative posts here, I respectfully declined. Thanks for saving me the headaches! is an excellent company. Pays middle following month.

Does anyone do orders for  Easy inspections, few photos, but no pay since February! Every week I get the same answer, check back next week, we are waiting on receipts.  These are so simple to do and pay $20, but I am almost thinking they are taking my results and outsourcing to appraisers or someone else who then puts together a more extensive bpo or appraisal.

I quit working for them almost a year ago because they don't pay. Once a year I would have to beg and spend numerous hours on the phone trying to get paid. I don't know where your from but I could never do a bpo for $20. No matter how easy it is. Its still your time and gas.

I'm in Michigan, and I only take ones that are on my way. And, they take but 5 minutes on the computer.  I'm looking at it now like a christmas club, just hoping they do pay up..... And, with the owners contact information provided I've gotten a few leads out them as well....

Smart move.. I usually throw out that I'm going to report them to my local board of realtors. Which they will send out a email blast to 1000+ agents to warn them about your company. This usually works ever time.



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