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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Judith, do you still think it's ok to take orders from SL?

For "right now"? Hmm, I guess we have to keep a close watch, SLS was behind on payments few months ago. For me, a single month of non payment translates to $3K more or less. Not funny at all.

I don't know what "right now" means except (and I did ask) she said it just means she doesn't know anything except what she told me and for me not to  read anything into it that's not there......the orders should be coming out for this week and I going to do them? Yep....until I hear something experience with National was that they were PNC and SLS is HSBC......who's in more trouble? Let's face it, they are ALL in some kind of trouble. We just have to keep our eyes and ears open and if you have something verifiable send it to the Blog? I really depend on this Blog, I just don't want something started that would hurt any company, especially SLS...they have been really good to me.

Outstanding company! The very best, as I have stated on previous blogs. I figure you receive the same orders as I do, first bulk around 20 orders, then second around 40 orders, consistently for the past five years. I would hate to see those go.

Is SLS Secured Lensding Services? and they send bulk order?


Yes, Secured Lending Services aka IREP, you can expect to receive anywhere from 20 to 80 orders per month if they are available in your service areas of course.

Great ill google them to sign up and hopefully they are hot here in Maryland. Thanks.

Same scenario here!! They have some really good people working for them too. Yes, I would definetly hate to see them go......and right now I believe they are OK. Keep in touch is all I say.....just keep it verifiable please.....for their sake.

So SLS still giving out BPO orders and in bulk? Im in Maryland and 2 years ago i got most of my business from Emortgage, they slowed down the past year and Corelogic gave me alot of bpos and then slowed down the past months.

Just wanted to add that I have had some trouble getting payments from SLS.  I am owed for orders that were completed back to January of 2012.  I have called and emailed several times for payment.  However, they did return my call and stated that payments would be sent periodically and not all at one time.  I stated that was okay, at least they are trying. Payments was suppose to have been sent around the 20th of December but still have not received the a payment.  I do not understand though why they pay for some orders but don't pay for others.  Like everyone else, I hate to see anything bad happen to them, as they have been a great company to do business with.

On a personal experience I would say that it's always risky to be the "new kid on the block". I made thousands with Evaluation Solution, I always received payment within 30 days, I was with them since 2007, they do not owe me a single dollar, I had a great relationship with some of their coordinators.

On the other hand every time I submit a new application with a new company and complete 2 or 3 BPOs I never hear from them again nor do I receive payment. Therefore I am sticking to the companies I have been working for on a regular basis for the past five-six years.

Beware of order requests from companies that you applied for years ago and now suddenly want your business, if they have hundreds of Realtors in their system for which they don't even have enough orders why would they want you??

Beware of "new BPO companies", they are usually not a new company but one that just went out of business and didn't pay their vendors.


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