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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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I am in a rural to extremely rural area,condition reports I will not do for less than 50 (don't mean to be hard to get along with but if I accept it I will do it because I promised ,but that might be the only one so I have to make it a little worthwhile),I am getting 60-75 for ext's (50 SLS) 70-100 for Int.(100 is SLS,that is the ONLY reason I will accept 50 from them for ext,no one else)....I have to plan my days,I usually go every other day to the extremely rural area and change the return time to the next day or day after if I have a lot,return time 11 PM. I don't have the automatic BPO insert company, I have phrases that I can pull from and copy and paste,and a wonderful husband with an extra lap top that sits up with me every night and puts in the guts and I finish them up and pull comps. I hear about the assistants on here,he's mine : )))) I might add that if there was enough bussiness in Real Estate I wouldn't be doing these but I am VERY thankful they're here. I have an agent in the office that helped get me started a few years ago and he stopped doing them when he had gotten into FC's and when they slowed down he is now having trouble getting back into the companys .I must say they have kept me informed as to how the pricing in the market is going,not just overall but in particular areas,you can also pick up leads,so it can be a really positive experience all the way around.

As far as these agents doing them for 30,I understand if you're just getting into them and want to get your foot in the door,if I was just starting I MIGHT do a couple for that just to show what a good job I could do and excel on my turn around time, but PLEASE stop....these companies can pay more then that,you're only hurting yourself . I'm not knocking them dead with income, but I'm doing enough a week that I'm OK,(15-30+)+ sales,the companies usually call me or like SLS,they just send them and know I will take them and get them in ASAP.

I know what you mean about companies trying to get you to do them for a few bucks.  Some of the most distant and Pro Teck wanted to pay me $45 and way out of the way and some had very few comps in our MLS, so I didn't accept.  IAS started me at $45 6 years ago and I was up to $85 for drive by and $125 for interior, but they are the very ones now that owe me over 100 days and maybe I'll get paid, so I'm not accepting any more from them.  $50 for a close by drive by is ok, but when I try to get more for mileage these $50 BPOs go to someone else willing to accept them.  It is up to us to keep up our price on fees or they'll get the cheaper agents to keep doing them and that isn't even minimum wage by the time you figure mileage, time going and coming, loading pictures and all the computer work for comps and filling out the forms.  

I just read on another blog "2 More Bite the Dust" that indeed SLS is going out of business as well as NREIS. I am really really concerned, I have not received payment yet on orders completed on December and just completed another 60+ orders through the course of the past 2 weeks. Have you received payment on December orders? All SOLID comments regarding SLS will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If SLS was HSBC, it makes since...HSBC are moving their work to other firms, like LSI..

Under those circumstances, I can kind of understand. If a person has been with them a long time and they just all of a sudden start slow paying, I think that would be a red flag, but if they were always slow pay then, sure I can see how it happens. As I said, I guess I have been lucky because none of the ones I regularly work with ever take over 30 days to pay. Corelogic always pays once a month, every month and Clear Capital tends to pay within 2 weeks. Altisource usually pays within 2 weeks. Love those companies.

I love corelogic and clear capital.

Valuation Partners pays on time too. The only problem is that they only pay 40 per order and is so hard to get them. If you're not right in front of the computer refreshing every second you wont get any. They'll send and email with 13 orders and I'll be lucky to get one or none. My guess is that agents get them with the automatic bpo catcher and i dont use that and wont, because I like to know the orders I'll get and not be surprise.

Does anyone have any experience with Specialized Asset Management (SAM)?  They are good to work with and pay on time, but their orders are so difficult to snag. I've done some work for them, but usually by the time an order reaches my inbox, it's already accepted by another agent.

Hi Aimee,  I have been doing BPOs for 16 years and I discovered a 'secret" with SAM orders. Sometimes the emails are faster than the orders show up on your dashboard to accept. So, I used to think I was too late. Then I discovered that if I go in and they are not there yet, if I wait a few minutes and try again, then they are back on the list for me to accept.  Maybe this will help you get some of their orders.

Appreciate the info, Sally.  I'll try this next time.

I have found the same thing with SAM.  They don't solicit themselves much so there are many rural areas with one agent who gets most of the work.  They will negotiate most orders as well and are a good payer.

I have had no problems with SAM. I receive orders from them under Quandis most of the time and have never had a no pay with them. We don't have a lot of people doing BPO's in our area so if they aren't paying what I want according to the area, I don't respond and it won't be long till they will call me. I can then tell them what I will do it for. In town orders I do for $40 to $50. Corelogic has been automatically paying $50, Altisource pays $40. Most of the others $45. Rural and out of town I go by distance. 15 to 25 miles I charge $60 and over that I charge $75. I won't go more than 55 miles, which is the 2nd town from ours. I get calls to go all over the State (Wyoming) but just have to tell them I can't and won't do it.

Anyone know how to contact ServiceLink? I have tried for 3 days and no one responds. The 800 777 8759 is useless. It appears it is now Footprints. If I do not get their response today I want to report them.


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