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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Send another email letting them know that you will have no other choice but to go directly to the lender for payment. That has worked for me in the past with another company.

Clear Capital is one of the best.

Anyone currently working with Leading Edge Companies, LLC who can share their experience?  Do they pay timely or 

do you have to harrass?  Thanks so much for the many who have contributed to this subject.  Lots of great info:-)  Saves

many of us from the stress of chasing our money!

I have done a few for them and they have always paid.  They do not send out a lot of orders. 

Thank you David.  Will inquire as to their turn around time on payment and decide from there.  

I guess I am very lucky. I have worked with several of these companies but have always been paid. Some of the very best that I work with are Corelogic, Clear Capital, Residential Review, Finiti and Equitrax. I have had no problems getting paid by Emortgage, Servicelink/Powerlink, Altisource or Singlesource. Hope all of you get your money but am also wondering why anyone would let the bills get so high and still continue to do orders.

Yes, me too.  I have not had a problem yet with any of mine and I certainly do not wish to start.  Business

is good here and I do not want to take on work that I cannot get paid for:-)

I also love working for Clear Capital, Residential Review, Five Brothers, Altisource and Corelogic.  I was so stupid to believe in Eval on Line and Broker Price (First Valuation).  I kept thinking if I continued I would get paid eventually.  Eval really screwed me for $2,000.  I am at the point with Broker Price that I am really complaining to each person who asks me to do a drive by.  Pretty bad when we all spend our time and money for companies that get paid from our hard work and don't pay us.  I am waiting for Emortgage approval and Service link.  I will look up Singlesource.  Keep me posted. 

If you work for a company that assigns over 20 orders to you every month and this company has been paying you regularly and consistently for 2 or 3 years and their payment schedule is 30 to 60 days its very easy to lose a couple of thousands if they go out of business. It could happen to anyone.

Working for companies with a known history of non payment (even if some Realtors may be getting paid) or working with new BPO companies is something none of us should experiment with. STAY AWAY.

Glad you gave an understanding word about how you can be owed a lot of money.....thanks,you're right,it can happen to anyone...the trick is to not let it happen again.....I know when I get a new company call I come right to this blog and either look it up or ask about thanks everybody for your honest comments.

Again I warn everyone about "new companies". UTLS formerly Land America owes me over $3,500.00. I know I read somewhere they are operating under a new name. If anyone knows for certain the name of this "new company" it would be greatly appreciated.

it is easy to let them add up when the usual payment schedule is 60 days or more.  In that time period if you got 2 or 3 per week it adds up.  What I'd like to know is the going rate for drive by and interior as IAS tried to lower my fees about a year ago even though I had been doing them for them for 6 years.  What is the going rate and can one get more for mileage.  I keep getting requests on the outer fringe of my area even when I don't have that on my service area.  Thanks for mentioning the companies that do pay.  We can all stick together and maybe get paid in the process for work completed.


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