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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Powerlink and Servicelink are essentially the same co. so you might try 412-776-1913,  412-776-1914. If nothing else they may be able to tell you who to call.


Are you trying to set up to do BPO's with them or REO's? I can send you the instructions on who to call (Vendor Managers)  and tgheir respective email addresses, in most regions of the country- you can't just apply online etc- you basically have to call them, get the application..etc...


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Jesse....can you please terminate this person's account?  All he does is spam every thread with offers to do BPOs..which is against most company policies anyway!  I am sick of my email being filled with his solicitations!!!

AMEN...he sends me emails from Brooklyn every other week

I am in Manhattan too- but Brooklyn is way cooler to be from...- I am down by the AMEX exchange- where SYM's is - I see you're uptown near Harlem right?..I used to live on 110 and Broadway when wife my taught at a school there ..- Call me or send me a LinkedIn message if you want a list of good companies that actually pay brokers on time..

I hear Single Source is going to be getting a bunch of HSBC BPO's in March

Just 1 unpaid BPO I submitted. They have changed my login and password and I am unable to reach by telephone. I just want payment and then sign off from them. I searched until I found an address in Ja cksonville, FL that  I mailed letter to yesterday to see if they could help. I have prepared BPO's for them and PowerLink for several years with no problems.



If you are writing about Evaluation Solutions, they have filed bankruptcy.  I had one unpaid, but after sending multiple emails got it before they filed.  They had been getting away with it for years.  If you google their name, you'll see how they've behaved and badly at that.  Let's hope this year we can stay away from crooks like them.

Eval did owe me $800.00 but after a year of non payment I had a Demand letter sent and received payment in full,  and within just a few weeks I received the notification they were closing down. ServiceLink is the one that owes me $115.00 for 4 months and changed my password and login so I am currently unable to reach as no one returns calls or email. After Eval if I have a problem with receiving payments I quit accepting orders.



If you need payment for past orders, I have been in contact for payment information on an order that I had past due. his email address is "Foflygen, Brian" a href="">>


Hope this helps.

Footprints maybe that Chicago outfit that scams folks out of money


One of my agents was contacted by Footprints and stated their BPO's would turn into short sales and there's a $99 certification class to take. I'm smelling BS

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, as I haven't taken orders for bad payers.  This site has been invaluable to me for checking out some of the feedback on slow/bad paying companies.  I've had request from Broker's Price Opinion and Evaluations Solutions and have refused each request.  My list of best payers for the area I work (Tennessee) is:

Clear Capital

Specialized Asset Management



Mark To Market

Main Street Valuations

Core Logic


Inside Valuations.

A couple of questions I have for everyone.  1.  Does anyone have any feedback on Old Republic? (do they negotiate fees, good payer)  2.  Best companies to gain REO business without signing up and paying a fortune.  

Thanks for all your help!!!


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