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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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It has been posted in many blogs that they were going to cease operations. SLS in still in business and I received full payment for orders completed in December.


NREIS is closed see

What's scary is that the address listed on the NREIS’ notice is the same as that of another real estate services provider, Secured Lending could just be they are in the same building.....or....?

I just got a message from someone that works at SLS and they stated that they will be closing as well. 

Where did you hear this?  Is it from a reputable source.  I do a ton of work for SLS and don't want to get burned.

They used to pay every two weeks or something like that. I never had to wait long for payment, I noticed several months ago that they started delaying payment and sometimes it takes 60 days to receive payment.


It makes me nervious to hear that they might be ceasing operations as well. 


I am sure if you call them they will tell you otherwise.


Sorry I see that you got your info from someone at SLS.  Did they say when they will be closing?

The article says only the Pittsburgh location is closing, laying off 215 workers of 1200 company-wide. It also stated that SLS is "business as usual".

I knew it! These companies are pieces of ......

I have copied and pasted the email for all to read.

Again there have been changes here at NREIS.  A week prior to Christmas we were all given our 60 day notice that layoffs will begin in the middle of February.  The investors have decided not to revamp the company, but to close us down instead. 

I regret to say, they have not notified us of the status of vendor payments.  They have taken control of the check book and stopped all outgoing payments.  The last I heard, the investors were meeting with their legal counsel and would advise us.  To date, we have not heard anything.

SLS will also be closing.  We don’t know when their layoffs begin though

Christine Mancini

Vendor Payable Analyst

National Real Estate Services

I will call my coordinator tomorrow and ask, their big bulk should be here on Friday while we are still owed orders completed on January.

It would be good to get the lowdown on what is going on. I don't want to complete the bulk and then not get paid that would be bad.  I still have money owed for orders completed in December.   SLS used to be such a good company to work for.  They don't pay as regularly as they used to.  Wonder what is going on?

I know they changed ownership sometime last year, that's why we experienced the changes in payment frequency, then India doing QC, then India assigning the orders...I am freaking out, I have no other words for it...

The changes and all the talk of them shutting down has me nervous too.


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