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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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On their site you need to pay $169 to sign up on their REO list of agents but you are still obligated to sign up with (approx. $900 for both).  I'm starting to believe that is going to these banks asset managers and offering themselves as a discount asset platform because they sure seem to be getting most the referral sign up business to work hand in hand with a lot of these banks?  I don't see anything special about them over others?The only thing is that they are being more competitive with their commission structure with the banks?  I don't know if the banks realize that they make the agents agree to less commission to make up for the discount structure with them.  But sure appears that way.

Well I believe res net has been on the ropes since Fannie Mae dumped them for equator about 2 yrs, ago.

Great idea.  Here is my list

Clear Capital

Residential Real Estate Review

Five Bros


those are my best.  I need more work especially after I didn't get paid from Eval and having issues with Broker Price Opinion.  We need to start a good blog on the internet to make sure the non paying companies get the bad rap they deserve and won't screw more Brokers like us.


To that I will add no company has a better system than Emortgage Logic (even though I am not doing many orders for them anymore). You can see orders pending completion, pending review, pending payment and paid for the time you have been working for them, in addition an email is sent for every step of the process. Checks are cut every 15 days and it never fails.

I totally agree about eMortgage.  70% of my work is with them and they negotiate every order with me.  They are the best!  They only lag at times with approving orders and their lag is better than everyone else I have worked with.

This is the good blog. All you have to do is search any company. These comments and others from LinkedIn etc pop up.

PCV/Murcor is also a good one.

I finally received payment from IAS for REO expense.I had expenses going back to 8/15/12.I sent a complaint to the Denver BBB.IAS would not return emails or calls for months.When they returned a email IAS asked me how much they owed me.I worked with them for years and did not have any problem until the last year.I hope they stay in business and start treating agents better.

Thanks Michael,  I've been emailing them and one person emails back and says they're escalating it but can't give me a mailing date and mine is now 4 months back since completion.  I even told them if I didn't receive it and this was about 10 days ago, I'd have to report them to the BBB and they said be patient, but still no reply.  So when I get done here I'm going to do that.  I've worked for them for 7 years now and the last year has been getting worse and worse.  Two agents I used to do BPO requests for are now gone, fired and they were there a long time too.  I'm not going to accept any more from them and hope I get my $255 for fees completed.  They have shown me that they are not worth working with and that saved emails saying they're going to catch up to 60 days paid, are just a bunch of lies.  I hope I get me back pay.  Thanks for your reply.  Let this be a warning about their business practices.

I worked and worked at it and finally was able to file the complaint against Integrated Asset Services with the BBB.  Now I hope they pay me.  How many people working can go 4 months without payment for work done? I'll bet their executives get their pay every week.

I filed with BBB and IAS paid me

NREIS has owed me for several BPO's for over a year. After trying for several weeks to get paid,   I just got an email from their vendor payroll that stated they will cease business in February and have stopped all out going payments.  Has anyone else heard this?


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