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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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SLS owes me for about 15 BPOs going back almost a year ago.  I called numerous times and sent certified letters...and never got paid.  To this day, they still contact me by phone at times trying to get me to do a rush BPO.  I have thought about accepting them and not doing them to let it hit their pocketbook, but I have just wrtten them off.  Unfortunately, I hope they go under as I have seen them do this to many others.  I also did the BBB thing but never received a response from the BBB either.

Update on IAS paying me.  They have not even with notice from Denver BBB and my complaint to the Attorney General of CO.  Please be warned that they are looking like some of the others in not paying, and possibly closing without paying.  They had until tomorrow to answer the BBB and I have heard nothing.  I will not take any more from them and don't fool yourself into thinking you'd be different and they'd pay you.  I've worked for them in this area for over 6 years now and this is now they treat me.


      IAS did pay me after I filed with the Denver BBB.They only send me a few orders every few weeks.I dont mind since I dont worry about being paid.I do BPO work for other companies that do pay.I have worked with IAS for about 6 years and they have only been like this for the last 2.They used to be a good company.It seems like they have a big turnover with employes know.Keep us updated 


After waiting to be paid from completion in September, no new BPOs were sent to me since November.

How much are they paying for drive bys now?  Two good asset managers that I worked with for years were let go, not sure why, but one was the first gal I ever had contact with back in 2006 and she was good.

They are paying $50 for drive by.Tanya was the first AM I did BPO' S for.Real nice person.She is not with the company now.Others also are gone  

See I figured that's why they hadn't sent me any since November and then decided not to pay for what I had done.  I started in 2006 at $45 and they advanced me to $85 for a drive by, many of them rural or over 25 miles, then tried to say they were cutting their fees back to $45 to be competitive with other companies.  I told them at that point I didn't think after all the years of good work for them I should take a cut.  They agreed and said "oh we'll leave you at your rate."  They got fewer and fewer and stopped in November.  What I wonder is this????  How much do the banks pay them for getting us to do the work?  Be interesting to know.  I'm done with them and I'm sure they with me since I had to complain to the BBB for my back fees.  Thanks for the reply Mike.  Trisha Gertie and Steve James were two I liked working with - both now gone and looking for jobs.

Is Gale Roney still there?

Clear Capital

Data Quick


Goodman Dean

I am sorry to say that I am having a lot of trouble getting paid by Equi-Trax. They owe me from orders done back in October. They keep telling me that the checks have been sent out over and over again and still as of today no checks and they owe me for over 50 orders. Anyone else having the same trouble? It feels like a rerun of other companies.

Just received a check today from Equi-trax. It was from late Dec. I've never had a problem with them. Consider them one of the best.

I did recieve two checks the other day, one was from work done in Oct, the other was work done in early Nov. Still have not received the rest of Nov, Dec Jan I had never had a problem either up until this. It just feels like what has happened to several other companies out there, payments start getting late and then........

Just got an email that stated Powerlink will no longer be in the BPO Business.  April will be their last month to submit all invoices for orders owed. One more down. Wonder who is next?


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