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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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I don't blame you for being picky Dale. There is a lot going on in the land of BPO's and the BPO companies.  I think there is something going on with Secured Lending Services, my volume was down in FEB. and is way down this month.  I noticed some addresses I used to do for Secured are coming from SingleSource and LSI.  I am being very selective with the orders I accept too.


John- be careful our clients have noticed that Single Source is getting all NREIS orders 

There seems to be alot of shakeup going on right now.  I don't think any of us can be to careful. They were NREIS orders I noticed when SingleSource sent them. Before they were issued to SingleSource, Secured Lending would assign them to me. 


Has anyone else experienced a decrease in Volume from Secured Lending?

I have noticed a lot of Secured Lending BPOs are going to LPS and Single Source respectively - Has any one else noticed that shift? 

Yes, I have noticed.  I haven't received one order from Secured Lending Services this month, and volume was way down last month as well.  I am used to completing 20 to 30 orders a month for SLS.  I guess they are going out of business like NREIS

Yes, Secured is going out of business.  My contact there said that they should be completely shut down by the beginning of April.  She suggested Single Source and LPS.  She told me any orders that were in my queue placed there and accepted by the folks in India were in error and to ignore them.  They were a great source of revenue for me and I really hate to see them go out of business.

I feel the same way, I hate to see them go...

So who is handling  NREIS REO?

Do any of you do business with DataQuick/Valuation Vision?  Their app is 24 pages and requires a background check.

Yes, They are the old Transunion. And they asked for me to recertify , after having been with them from Transunion to MDA to Dataquick...The fee was more than 35 bucks for me...It wound up being 112 or 124. I say that , because the fee kept changing everytime I logged in. They said it was because I was in NY. Well, after receiving over hundreds of orders per week, during our hurricane, this past fall, and paying the money for background checks, they have decided to go from an assignment of orders in my area, to a email blast! So, guess what, I have received NOTHING, since I paid the money for the background check !



Thanks for the info, Jay.  Maybe I'll just hold off a bit....

Dataquick is the old Transunion. I don't remember the application because they were one of my main BPO clients a long time ago. I did do the $35 background check in the past year. No big deal. I do their inspections if I have other business in the same area. The fee can be negotiated and the form/photo upload is easy. They pay quickly.

I did not realize they are also Valuation Vision. They have a BPO form they call 'QUICK' or 'EASY' or something like that but it really isn't. It fills in some data for the comps, but not enough to justify the $35 fee. I think I got paid pretty quickly on the one I did recently.


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