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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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I have done a few Valuation Vision orders and I am with you their "QUICK" or "EASY" form isn't really that "EASY" or "QUICK."  I think they paid within 60 days for the orders I completed.



Thanks for the info.  I've become leary of companies I don't know! It's nice to get paid ON TIME!

My background check was a $117.00...everything is more expensive in New York City...

Things are changing. I'm done wasting time doing BPO's for companies and having to wait months to get paid! I have cut back from about 16 vendors down to 3 maybe 4. QC from Old Republic is getting picky so I may drop them if it continues Currently using. 



Old Repbulic

(Some Clear Capital)

I like LSI/LPS and CoreLogic because they both direct deposit and pay within 2 weeks. Other companies should follow suite if they want to stay in business. Too many of us no longer willing to work for free. I actually increased my minimum BPO fees. If a company won't pay it, no problem. 

I am with you Curtis why bother working for these companies if they don't pay or pay slow. I have been increasing my fees as well.  I refuse to take anything under $40 for exterior. I really should raise that as well.  Old republic sends exterior orders for $30 who are the people doing these for $30?  That is just insane.  I The banks are paying a lot more than $30 to these BPO companies.


I feel we as BPO providers have a ton to gain in the near future because as the market continues to pick up, there will be fewer and fewer agents compeleting BPO's as thier buyer and seller business picks up. Fewer available agents should help us to get increased fees. 


My sentiments exactly.  I won't do exteriors for less than $50 and if it's interior they better be prepared to pay me $85 to $100 depending on location.  I think newbies are taking them for less money and it hurts the rest of us.  You know darn well those asset companies are getting a heck of a lot more than $50 and we do the work.  Not any more for me.  I dumped Integrated Asset Services and reported them to the Denver BBB.  Another agent in my area told her associate is owed $2,000 by IAS, but isn't going to do anything until his listing he has with them is closed.  

I'm in So. Florida and IAS owes me for 22 BPOs and playing dumb when it comes to paying their vendors. Just filed a complaint with BBB as neither CEO, VP, and  CFO kept ignoring my emails.Then they were surprised when I refused a BPO until my account is paid up to date. Why should we expect to get paid for doing a job that we love so much....


I got paid only after filing with the BBB and had been with them for over 7 years.  Now I see my account is no longer active nor can I gain access to it, so good riddance.  I wasn't planning on doing any more for them.  One step further we should take is reporting their Broker and they have one to the CO Real Estate Commission for fraudulent activity in the way they are running their business. I was so tired of fighting with them over and over again, I just let it go, but others should join in to get them out of business.  They're making money and stiffing us.  Two of their better asset managers were fired and I'm in touch with one of them and she said they were definitely having problems.

They did give me 5 listings over the 7 years, but hadn't given me one in over a year and I don't think they were going to AND they had me pay for all the deposits and have the utilities turned on in my name during the listing.  Do other companies require that too?

I agree about Old Republic. I rarely accept anything from them anymore.  They pay the lowest fees in the industry but it seems they reject reports for the most ridiculous reasons!  Not worth the bother.

You just need to negotiate the fees with Old Republic.  Reject all of them that come over for $30 for sure. Usually shortly after that, they will email me directly and ask what my fee would be.  

Dear Willy, after 7 years doing BPOs and been burned by a few, the last company that owed me, Integrated Asset Services, I filed a complaint with the Denver, BBB and only then did I get paid almost 5 months from completion of the assignments.  So now I'm off their list of agents, which is fine by me and I see most of the others now pay $40 - $50 and it isn't worth it to drive 50 or 60 miles roundtrip, take the pictures and spend several hours or more (rural or small town properties take a long time) finishing the forms.  They are abusing us, but can always find those willing to do it for less.  If we banded together, we might be able to take a stand.  "United we stand, Divided we fall."

I am with you Sharon in banding together, however the problem is exactly what you say: "but they can always find those willing to do it for less."  That is the problem, there must be people doing these things for way less than what they are worth.

The thing that frustrates me is when the BPO companies mention the clients and come accross as though the client is the be all end all of thier business and then treat us with total disrespect.  The BPO comanies need the agents in the field just as much as they need the clients.  However it really seems that some of these companies could care less about the agents.


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