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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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The division of real estate has SUSAN WEST AS THE REGISTERED BROKER FOR IAS, her license number is ER40004900. The more agents that would file a complain with DORA, and it can be done on line, the more attention they'll pay and the faster we might get our monies for services rendered

I don't accept orders for Valuation Vision becuase they were slow to pay and their form is a little more complicated than some other companies I do work for. 

I hate having to chase payments for work I completed in good faith.

Spending extra time trying to get paid for the work we have completed is frustrating, especially since we provide them much more value than they pay us for.

why is it that these companies who are getting paid have such a hard time in paying us down the line?  I think they deposit the money they get from the bank and then let it gather interest or pay other bills before paying us for the very work they were paid to complete.  It's a mystery to me how many of these get away with this practice over and over again.

I just got the latest bankuptcy statement on Evaluation Solutions.  In it, JPMorgan Chase acknowledges that it owes Eval $2,316,6000 and agrees to pay it.  Of this, $2,216,000 goes to Summit Financial Resources, L.P.  Only $100,000 goes to the Debtor's bankruptcy estate.  So maybe the banks don't pay them....  

Wow, that is great information.  Chase doesn't pay its bills....that is very interesting. Hmmm, there is definetly something to ponder there.

Why on earth do we have to keep bugging these companies to pay us?  We've got enough work to do without being a collection agency too.

I've received an invitation to sign up with First American Asset Valuation Solutions (FAAVS) and wondered if anyone else on this board has received the invitation or done any work for them??? The email says: "First American Asset Valuations  (FAAVS) is a brand new residential valuation  operation that focuses on fulfilling our customers' BPO needs  primarily within the default servicing space.  FAAVS' services are  provided through FA Business Services, LLC, an affiliate of First  American Financial Corporation.  To learn more about the history of  First American, our separation from CoreLogic and who we are today,  please visit our website: information/history-of-first-...".

Its the same people that own/used to own Corelogic, Sourceone, Disposolutions... - they aren't really "new" to the business- they just have a lot of subsidiaries...same DNA you can say...



Yes I received the same email and have joined their board.  I was accepted today.  This firm used to be First American Residential Value View and was purchased by Corelogic.  They have started a new company.  My past experience when they operated as First American was very good.  They gave me multiple orders and paid like clock work every month.

Thanks to both of you for the information.  I'm a little hesitant about new BPO companies these days!

Me too, I would have probably ignored them except for my previous history with them.

I have done work for Corelogic, but didn't receive any emails from them after they asked for money for background checks after working with them for several years.  I have nothing to hide but wondered why they were charging me.  Also they were notorius in my area for sending me BPO requests way out of town for $45.  Not worth it.  Is this new Ameritax worth it?  I might check into it again to see what's up at this time.


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