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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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If you ever do and need documentation.  I saved almost all the stalling emails from them but luckily got in under the wire for my last $255.  So sorry for those who didn't.  It's just not fair.

Filed claim with Colorado BBB and they did pay for past expenses on REO and 5 BPO's within 30 days.

I am with you Willy, I think a lot of these BPO companies are on the verge of closing.  It will be necessary to be very choosy with whom we work for going forward. 

I also feel that with the markets getting better in most cities there will be fewer and fewer agents doing BPO's making it harder for the companies to find agents to complete orders for the low fees.  If we all band together to drive the fees back up to a reasonable rate we can begin to get paid for our experience and value we bring to the table.

I have been approached by BPO fulfillment.  The wanted me to go 70 miles one way for $30.  So I should stay away from them at all costs?  I declined and they even called me with the request and I said too far.

Good morning, happy Monday !!

How about : 

Precision Asset Management  

Any feed back,please


Precision Asset Management is a good company overall. They do mainly Chase properties but do have some other clients.  They have alot of paperwork and weekly reports. They also are touchy. I had a situation with one of the asset managers due to lack of communication on her part and due to this even though I feel it was an error on the asset managers part I got the short end of the stick and have gone about a year now without any listings. I am trying to get back into them. Overall they are a good company with payables coming in a timely manor.

Thank you James

Appreciate your's comments

They seem to be okay.  It depends on who you work with over there.  

DO NOT work with PRECISION ASSET MANAGEMENT (PAM) in Torrance, CA and work with any CHASE REOs. I quit doing REO listings for them. You would be ended up with the program called Chase Communitiy Revitalization Program (CCRP). The program allowed other NON-PROFIT organizations/builders/contractors to purchase the REO below market value directly from banks without going to public/MLS and finally they fix them up and Re-sell them on MLS/public with more than the Market Value for buyers/folks with FHA loan or who have low/moderate income and made very little down payments and bidded over the listed price on the MLS... They called that REVITALIZATION AND STABLIZATION PROGRAM? I DON'T GET IT?

Despite all of your hard works of pre-listings (Evictions, CFKs, Rekeys, Weekly, Monthly inspections, Utilities paid by agent, calling contractors to obtain BIDs for them, invoices reimbursement, etc......) in hope the properties will be listed and sold on MLS, you will be paid ONLY $1,000. Your hard working has been paid off like dirt and slaves... worth than doing BPOs with low fees if you added up all of your expenses...while dealing with some stupid, rude, not polite AMs which don't work and communicate with each other.... They are blasting emails to us with many stupid questions. Avoid them if you can because in the end you will be paid nothing..... I heard someone said they are good company, but my real experience is the truth from a Realtor.


Stop doing them period.   For any costs.  For any BPO companies.  For any Asset companies.  Just stop.  All of us.  Now.  No more.  Lets see what they do, especially in a few years when they need us again.

good idea, in a few months I will stop.  I'm only on 3 that do pay, so for now ok,  Glad I got out of IAS and several others that were bad.

I have heard from many agents over the country that they still have not been paid by Broker Price Opinion/First Valuation, I am one of them.  I would take them off my list.  Also I keep hearing how there will no more or little bpo work for us to do anymore.


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