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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Sorry Elias, in my opinion I don't think its worth the money to pay Legal Shield.  I know they been around for many years, though sounds like another company wanting to cash in on all the misfortunes that agents have been experiencing in this economic mess. The smart thing to do is just do your research with BBB or Google the company before accepting orders.  I have Googled several companies in the past and have found several bad reports on certain BPO/Asset Management vendors and knew a head of time not to accept them.  You don't have to pay for something that is common sense to do.  Would you buy the first home or a car you see, if your a smart person you wouldn't... right? All I'm saying is that there are too many fly by night companies taking advantage of people. For example the background companies like Sterling who runs dozens of BG on (1) agent for the same work field just different vendors which is absolutely insane. They are most likely giving out kick backs to generate business from the vendors. There should only be (1) certified BG check, REO/Short Sale Certification from either the Bureau of R.E. or NAR to be used for everyone. 

Excellent advice!

I have never worked with Franklin Credit and haven't worked with Titanium Solutions in a few years because they we demanding that I visit houses to make with people to try and do a short sale which never worked out and very difficult...

I thought Titanium was out of business?  I  know they filed bankruptcy..

OK - Call me nuts but I do not understand why a business person would do enough bpos to be owed $900-$1500. If nothing else that's a good bit of time and out of pocket gas money. Would you not be smarter to do a couple and then see how payment goes before expending that much effort. 

I don't understand why anyone would continue doing bpo's for any company who can't even pay you for (1 ) bpo within 30-60 days?  If 90 days rolls around, then that's a sure indication they have limited resources to pay on time.  Those companies you want to X-off your list.

Has anyone done business with Footprintsre?  They just sent me an email and this is not one that I'm familiar with.

Never heard of them?  There are so many new names coming in these days that it is frightening.  I think they are all older BPO companies that went bankruptcy and then renamed themselves trying to make fools out of agents once more.  I would Google them...

I heard that Footprints was a scam

Footprints RE is BankerREO different sheep's clothing

Footprintsre is the new name for BankerREO.   Look below...

Believe it or not I just got an email from the woman in accounting@ Broker Price Opinion who has been telling me that the check is in the mail for months that they are stopping payment on the check and issuing me a new one for $420, that does not even cover 1/6 of what they owe me.  Everyone take heed that you should not do any work for them.  They are cheating us all and will continue to do so unless we fight them.  We need to form an agency that will protect us NAR certainly is not doing that. We all need to write to our congressmen and complain.


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