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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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BPO instructions clearly state that ALL work on the report must be done by the agent/broker and use of an assistant is prohibited. When you accept the BPO you agree with the rules.

Don't know about all of you, but when I was working my fannie off 12 hr/7 days doing them up until 2 years ago - I went almost flat broke.

I quit fooling with that cheap crap BPOs - and went back to why I got a real estate license - LIST AND SELL, LIST AND SELL  - NOW, all I do is LIST, LIST, IST, LIST,LIST, LIST and let the other MLS agents sell one or two a week for me..


I am a businessman FIRST and folks the only thing there is in BPOs is cash flow - none  or a mere piitance of profit.Why do you fool with them for less than$100? Or better yet, why do you fool with them at all?


Most of these BPO vendors will require that the assigned BPO agent has to sign they are the ones in fact dong the BPO and not assigning to an assistant or other agent. 

I have always done all the work.  I may be driven around by my partner, but he's just there to make sure I don't get mugged or if the property is on a busy highway, I can take the picture with the window rolled down instead of getting killed by a passing vehicle....

One time a person who lived in an adjacent house of which I shot a photo, followed us for 5 miles and my partner didn't want to scare me so he didn't tell me until the person turned off.  These rural ones can be dangerous.  Be careful and have someone else do the driving.

AMS? Yes, they have the HUD account in some states. REO in other areas. Better jump all over that. And edit out his contact info so you don't tick him off.

thanks! Took out his contact info, if they are good I will let everyone know

Good luck!

So where do we report to file a complaint about companies who don't pay, so they can be shut down by the government for crossing stateline in doing illegal activities by not paying Realtors?  Is it CAR, NAR, DRE/BRE or the labor department?

Sally - File all the complaints you want to. And you'll most likely get no where. You can deduct the loss on your income tax if you keep records.

I'm glad I quit doing them before all this non pay started.

only help I got was the last $255 from Integrated Asset Services (after 7 years with their BPOs) filed a BBB complaint with Denver, CO and did get my money, but when trying to report their broker to the CO DEPT of Real Estate Licensing, they were not help at all.  That broker should have been penalized for fraud, not non payment, just outright fraud for soliciting work with no intention of ever paying.

Titanium Solutions are gone, its been a long time too. ???

Folks, all this you're complaining about was seen earlier by appraisers. Your advantage is that you have a powerful organization who should be shamed into helping you fight these organized criminal enterprises (management companies). 

Please see my introduction post to read some history of what we experienced and what you can look forward to if you don't fight back in a strong, united fashion.

Best of luck. I've felt your pain!

Alison Swain

Curb Appeal REO 
Winter Park, FL


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