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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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I cannot agree more. This is the only way we can keep the scammers from taking anyone else. I work to hard to not be paid. 

Just got an e-mail from LRES saying that they have a significant amount of orders to be done but the client is only willing to pay $30.

Lets stick together and let them know that our time is more precious than 50 cents an hour.

I just received it also and didn't even bother to respond. Just deleted it.

Too bad that it was a "no-reply-email"  I would have given them and ear-ful.  I am fed up with these low paying companies and then they take too long to pay.  If they don't pay within 15 days to 30 days, they are dead to me.

When I get a no reply email on a BPO, On purpose, I like to Google the company to get their vendor management email address to send them a memo of what I think about them and their ridiculous offers.  More agents need to do this as well, so these companies can get the picture that we are not going to stand for this.

I got the email as well, even though I've rarely gotten anything from LRES. I answered "NO" I will not accept orders for $30-$35. This is the reason I no longer accept orders from Old Republic. Ridiculous!

Yeh, Old republic is getting ridiculous.  Anything that comes over for $30 I just reject.  Then if I get a private email from one of the reps I'll negotiate a fee.  $30 is absurd.  

This is very sad and serious.  I love BPOs, and I only stopped for a while when a company did not pay me (Evalonline), and I became afraid that the rest of them would do the same. The repercussions of this insulting fees to professionals will be that only new agents, inexperts, will take these orders.  The result will be a defective product that will no longer be reliable and credible.  It will be the end.  Banks will stop using us all together. They are pushing these fees to an unreasonable and unrealistically low limit. I love BPOs but I sincerely could not do them at a cost.  

What type of form or report is expected by these companies you mentioned? Is it a regular long report like LPS' to mention one? or is it an abbreviated type like the ones used for disaster inspection only? 

Thank you all

I go the email also for doing the LRES BPO's for $30-$35. I did not even tell them no as I could not see why when you said no you had to fill out all of the infor. I just deleted the email. Also FYI I have been owed $1875 from Broker Price Opinion since last November. I had sent in two complaints to the Denver BBB,left nubmerous emails and even talked to a guy in the accounting department who I think is just a robot or is on something cause all he kept sayign is "I understand" I let him know he did not understand and asked him now bad did he need a job to be dong what he is doing. In most cases he overall really had nothing to say. Well guess what I got a check from them on 8/31 that was dated on 8/2 in the amount of $310 !!!!!!!!  Really. I guess that means I have to call again,go back to the BBB.  Can you imagine getting phone calls all day long from people you owe money to? In case you all don't have it the phone number is 303-991-9919 ext 1004 and his name is Tony.

Identical to  my situation with Evalonline.  After spending precious time daily trying to get my money, one day I got a check for 1/10 of the total owed.  After they sent me that consolation check, that was it! Could not even get any communication with them anymore.

I recently got a request from a regular company I do work for and their pat offer was $80 for an interior.  The only problem is that the subject was almost 80 miles one way from my office.  Not to mention gas, time to and from, all the interior pictures they asked me to send a quote which I did for $200.  I decided that was what I should be paid especially because this subject not easily available for comps in my MLS so I would have to do other research too, plus pay for tax records to be faxed to me from that county.

They encouraged me to give them my quote, but not too long after I got their reply for $150.  Needless to say, I declined.  I set my fee and if they don't want to pay, let them find someone else, this isn't ebay where the buyer can send their best offer, but sometimes these places try to bargain with us.  Now even if they offer $200, I'm declining, don't have the time to do the drive or work that I would have if they had said yes from the get go.  Stand your ground, $30, why don't they get a monkey to do it for that?  I'm insulted, as you all should be.  I'm glad we're sticking together on this.  Shouldn't we have some sort of National association for us?  Is there one?

Congratulations. I totally agree


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