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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Guys, I know this discussion is so big now that I couldn't easily find what I was looking for.  I just got a call from AMS REO out of California.  That isn't the same as the PA company, is it? Does anybody know anything about them? 

They are only wanting to work with those agents that are willing to break the law and put their licenses at risk.  They got tired of me telling them NO and keeping my original submitted BPO.  So, they set me up by saying a used another agents picture and falsified my signature... really?  Who cares if I used an updated signature, as long as it was MINE and it was the original one on my drivers license.  Therefore, how much more legal can your signature be... right?  This company is insane.

they are all getting nasty and unprofessional.  I am getting so sick of the vindictiveness

Not to mention, we are providing a Price Opinion not a market value.  We are not appraisers, at least I am not.  If they want a market value, hire an appraiser.  I agree with you, John, these people hire us to do these reports are in PA, CA and UT, etc are  hundreds, in some cases 1000's miles away from me in MS and they have no idea what some of these horribly dilapidated properties will bring on the open market.  Yeah it may 2200 SF with 4 bedrooms, but the shack next door, and the fallen in roof is a huge factor in "price". It can get very frustrating. I have come up with several buzz words and phrases that have helped my QC problems in my rural area.  Just my thoughts.....

WTG David..fellow Greenville agent. I am with you 100 percent. John too.

FYI Broker Price Opinion owed me $1895 for a year now. I wrote the BBB twice and have called them consantly at 303-991-9919 ext 1004I got a check on 8/31/13 for $310,a check on 9/16/13 for $305 and one on 11/15/13 for $520. The still owe me $760 and I will keep after them for that so I suggest if they owe you money just stay in their face. They seem to be hiring new people every week in accounts payable. 

James, when I read your post about Broker Price Opinion I thought I was reading about myself. I just put them in collection with the Buzek Law firm in Westminister, Co where their office is located. (303) 953-5344. All agents interested in joining with me please contact them.

Good for you... I'm not in your state but I think the word ATTORNEY scares the crap out of people.

I'm in Ca but I chose a collection company in the home state for broker Price Opinion.

There are a couple hundred BBB complaints by unpaid agents which are indicated as resolved mainly because of payment schedules. The sqeaky wheel... And probably less expensive than collections which may result in scheduled payments.

They are not a member of BBB.

I know but the BBB online records - as recently as mid-October - indicate these complaints ARE addressed by the company.  A lot of companies that are not BBB members still address those complaints.  I'm not defending them.  Just sayin'.

I stopped doing work for them over 3 years ago because of this.  When they call, I either ignore them or answer and say I don't do business with companies that do not pay.  I also ask the person on the other end of the phone if they are not worried that some day they will also not get paid.  I used to do this with Evalsolutions as well.


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