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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Replies to This Discussion  does not pay.

Believe they are going by another name also,,,First Valuation

They have me up to 16 unpaid jobs.  Spoke with them last week, they told me they on a 90 pay instead of a 60 day pay.

Some are already over 90 days. Told them that I heard that they were in bankruptcy but the denied  this allegation.

Will not accept anymore jobs from them until I  receive a check, if not I will be contacting the Florida state attorney.

I recently put them in collection with:

Halstead Law LLC

Westminister, Co  (Where they are located)



You need to contact the state attorney that they are in

Clear Capital.  Stay away from this firm.  I completed a BPO yesterday, and this morning received notification that the max they would pay is $15, even though they contracted with me for $50.  They also attempt to force agents to pay for a background check that is not needed. 

This must be a mistake. Clear Capital is one of the most reputable companies out there. The background check is nothing new and several firms are requesting it. You do not need to do it but the cost is very small. With CC, it is only required for one of their clients and you can get orders from their other clients without it.

Are you sure that was not just a drive by inspection and not a standard bpo?  Maybe they ment to originally say that but that still does not mean they should not pay for a full bpo if that was they ordered. I have been corking with them for a long time and have never experienced this.  I think you should contact them personally and ask for a manager if the second contact about the $15 was only by email. I think that may be a mistake. Had you recently done a bpo on that same property with them or another vendor that would have triggered a reduction?  It's not like them to treat agents like that.  As for background checks, unfortunately they are all doing that now with some that started out helping up to 50% but that does not seem to be happening anymore. Anyways, there's a problem with some of these vendors now sourcing out to other vendors like LPS that end up with assignment reps trying to screw agents to pocket more on there end.  Though, not sure that Clear Capitol has gotten to that point yet. I say no to orders under $50 and if I have to drive slightly over 10M not under $75 just to cover gas.

They owe me $150. I wouldn't change comps for them, they reassigned the order.

I have never found Clear Caital to be unreasonable regarding comps after I have done further explanations.  They have sometimes asked why I didn't use this or that comp but have never asked me to change comps.

I have been doing BPO's for Clear Capital for years and have never had issues. They pay prompt and have always paid the agreed amount. I very rarely ever get called for corrections of clarifications and the background check was really no issue. I have had to do them for several other companies and at least with them you get a copy so you can use it with others.

I would certainly agree, Clear Capital is one of the best if not the best company to work for.

They pay like clockwork on the first of the month, very easy to deal with.

  Met some of their reps ate the  Five Star convention in Dallas and they are just as friendly and  nice in person as on the phone or online.

Have never had any payment or any other issues with them.

Great Company!

I agree, one of the better companies I'm happy to get work from.

Just in followup, I did request a manager review, and was told that the party who placed the order through them subsequently cancelled.  I am expected to take the hit, even though my agreement was with Clear Capital.  Not a smart way to do business on their part.  


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