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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Has anyone worked with Valuation Vision. I received an order 2 days ago and their web site says they pay within 30 days. I will do the one order and wait and see.


Valuation Vision has been discussed in prior posts here.  If you do a search you can see what has been said.  As I recall some agents were not getting paid in a timely manner and others were.  As I recall, there was some type or merge or something and apparently that has affected payment.  We have not done any for them in months, however, when we were doing them a year ago they were very timely.

Don't trust what you see from V2. They owned me for a $20 drive-by inspection for almost a year. I tried for months to finally get hold of someone who promised me quick payment and if I could do 2 BPOs in my area for them at the same time. Being stupid I accepted. Never got paid. I resorted to invoicing them and sending a threatening letter to put liens on the properties or taking them to small claims court. My deadline was January 2014 before I would proceed and low and behold I got a check in the mail. 

V2 is being or has been acquired by a Canadian company. 

I have been working with them since 2012.  In 2012 they would pay at 30 days.  In 2013 they started being more like  45 to 90 days until June.  I have not received payment for orders going back to June.  Last week I received payment on 2 bpos light that I completed in Nov.  but no payment for all the others. 

I have been getting bpo's assigned to me lately though I just ignore them and they are always out of my typical servicing area.  So I won't go out of my way anymore unless the fee is over $100+ on out of town where I have to drive 50+ miles.

I wholeheartedly agree especially with the brutally cold weather and almost impassable roads the rural BPOs should be much more.  I don't even bother calling to ask for more.  I just decline. Can't risk the wear and tear on my car.  The last rural one I did, the road was so bad and bumpy, it blew out my front headlight and Ihad to replace that for $10.00.  Stand firm and they'll understand they can't get the good agents for a paltry sum of $30 or $45.

I agree I charge 100-120 for 40+ miles.  Also if you are not getting paid, report the company to the State Attorney General in the state where they are located ---Works every time...get paid and kiss them good bye they pay... but not in 30 days....more like 60/75 days.

This post is old but I guess agents are still posting.

Pays on time always:

Clear Capital... Great Company

AVM..Asset Evaluation... Great Company

Single Source....good company, wants to pay $40 but you can pretty much name your price. Listings

I don't do BPO's anymore but thought I would add these. Really enjoyed working with them.

I completed a background check for corelogic a year ago or so, but orders with them have really slowed down or they want to pay peanuts.  I have not completed one for CC or Servicelink and continue to get orders.  Could be that I live in a rural area.

Corelogic has lost big orders with big banks. I moved my office address to a metropolitan area but they still send ones or twos to rural neighborhood about 1-2 per week.  There are very few refins these days.  Most are at risk orders.    In 2013 the number went down by 40%. These days I just accept enough to stay busy.

LSI has a bad attitude frm their QC dept on brokers. Most brokers have been in business longer than the young employee have lived. They do not treat brokers as equal partners. They had a lot issues with boa and each review was full of more hot air than previous one. Why you don't pick a $75K private sale next door as comp and picked a $1.8M sale?  QC should take ownership. If you are not licensed to practice RE then you need to respect the opinion and data provided by local experts. We like to be treated as we treat them.

I agree, they do no know what they are doing. new and good bpo companies are springing up everywhere.


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