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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Right they should

Plus if your AOR finds out you are allowing access to the MLS to unauthorized people you are asking for a boat load of trouble and fines. You could also possibly kiss your real estate career good bye. At least where I'm at in SoCal we are having to pay an additional $25 for MLS security.

A broker could be a member of several MLS boards if they could afford it. The only thing is, they are the only one to have access to each of them for reasearch.  Therefore, it sounds to me like this broker is not operating ethically and just letting all his agents get it under his user/password. There is know way 30 a day can be done by one person (I don't care if your up 24hrs your still can't) and anyone who says they do, well lets just say their only amusing themselves.  With these orders getting more and more complicated and taking so much time to do one I just don't see it unless their using an automation software.  Even at that, forms are changing up so often how would any automation software keep up with all these continuos updates.  Anyway, someone needs to report him to his MLS Board so they can keep an eye on the number of logins/logouts and that will pretty much tell the story.

it almost sounded like some sort of foreign outsourcing or was I misunderstanding it?  We're not supposed to let anyone access to our MLS, so not sure how they're getting by with it.

E mortgagelogic every two weeks

Titanium bankrupt

haven't worked with the others

add LSI and ISGN to the good list

Normally $55 for exterior and they pay once a month. Have not done a lot for them but they do pay within 30 days:)

Has anyone heard of Solutionstar?  I just received a recruiting e mail from them,  name sounds a bit scary and not too professional.

If I remember, they are part of Nationstar. I beleive it was them I received notice from because I do REO's for Nationstar

I received a recruiting email from them yesterday with an application package. Since December, I have received close to 75 orders for them through Consolidated Analytics. I don't know how much they pay directly or what their payment schedule is, but I am submitting my application today. Worth a shot.

does anyone knows    sand castle ? why they only pay 10 for a field visit ?  does consolidate analitycs is it a good company any cvhance of getting any listings with this company /ies ? thanks

in stockton ca area I think someone uses auto accept on considated as I only have been able to accept 2 out of 30 broadcast in the past few months.  Or my email server is too slow.


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