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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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LSI, ISGN can be added to that list


What bad experience have you had with LSI-LPS(now merged with Servicelink), would be interesting to know so others will know what they should do when they get contacted by them?

Valuation Vision---DONT USE. Sold to a Canadian company, they owe me money back to Nov 2013

I wondered about Valuation Vision! Just received 1 check from first part of January. 12 more they owe me for.

I completed an order for them about 2 weeks ago and have already been paid. Maybe they are getting their act together.

Or maybe they only pay for the areas that are most important to them.  They pay some agents and others they don't.

Mary you are exactly right. They know where they have to take very good care of their agents as opposed to areas where the agent will work for almost nothing because the competition is so high like the big metropolitan areas. I had a conversation this week with a rep from a large company who told me that now they can comfortably find agents to do BPOs for $30.00, and that they are paying $35.00 to the really good agents they appreciate. I really got worried.

I guess if agents are foolish enough to work for $35 that is up to them. They evidently don't list and sell much or they would value their time more. Personally it has got to be a pretty simple order or they are going to have to pay  me a minimum of $50 for urban and $65 to $100 for anything over 10 miles.

I just got paid finally from Feb and March from Valuation Vision. They did as they stated and did pay finally. They must be getting caught up. 

Just got an email from Quandis and SAM saying they have developed a BPO certification course that all agents will be required to take. After doing BPO's for approx. 10 yrs. I don't feel I need to pay $50 to take this course. I have enough business without it-so goodbye Quandis and SAM.

Can you share your past or present experience with Market to Market please? They sent me an order today. First time. I remember seeing its name here, but I do not remember if they pay or not. I am too afraid of putting the time and trouble like with Evalonline.

If you look at some of my past posts, Mark to Market does not pay very well and you almost have to beg for the money. Last check I received from them was for BPO's that I did over six months before receiving the check. Many people on this forum still have not been paid. I would not recommend that you do work for them, unless you do not see a problem with waiting 6 months for payment. I have stopped doing BPO's for them since mid year last year. 


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